Ordering publications

Ordering printed copies

  • Only items listed on the publications in stock page are available in hard copy. Please note hard copies can only be mailed within Australia through Australia Post.
  • All other publications listed are only available on the web - click on the title to download these publications. If the publications you want are accessible via the web, and it is not vital to have them in hard copy, please assist us by accessing the information electronically

 Order limits

  • Conscious of our objective to conserve the environment, there is a limit to the number of items that will be dispatched - please carefully consider your order.
  • Please be aware the following limits apply:
    • Posters - a limit of 6 per client
    • Books/Reports - a limit of 10 copies per title
    • Brochures - a limit of 50 per order

Organisations are welcome to order publications for display purposes only. Publications are not available for on selling . Organisations who have clients or customers who wish to have their own copy of a publication can direct them to the department on 1800 803 772 or via email at ciu@environment.gov.au.

 How to order

  • To request publications online, enter details in the Publication Titles Required fields below.
  • Address for dispatch - Please remember to give us your name, street or postal address and include your correct email address so that we may respond if necessary.

Order form

Publication titles required

For each item requested enter the title of the publication and the number of copies required. Click 'Add publication' to order additional publications.

Mailing details
Please complete the appropriate section (Organisation or Individual)
If the publications are for an organisation, please provide the name of the organisation
Name of recipient is required for postage
Address for dispatch if the publications are for an organisation.
If the publications are for an individual please provide the name of the person