Water Smart Australia projects sorted by NWI objective

Encourage innovation in water supply sourcing, treatment and discharge
Date Description Location Investment
17/07/07 Eurobodalla Water Supply Pipeline and Water Treatment Facilities NSW $14,999,997
29/08/06 Waterproofing Northern Adelaide SA $38,000,000
Encourage reuse and recycling
Date Description Location Investment
27/06/07 Statewide Wastewater System Upgrades SA $17,699,936
26/06/07 Waterproofing the South - Stage 1 SA $34,500,000
22/02/07 Craigie Groundwater Replenishment Trial Project (previously Beenyup) WA $19,400,000
29/11/06 Canberra Urban Waterways Rehabilitation ACT $10,200,000
16/10/06 Bendigo - Water Recycling Vic $6,300,000
22/03/06 Chatswood CBD and Civic Place Stormwater Management NSW $2,379,998
19/05/05 Mackay Wastewater Recycling Qld $45,543,706
Increase productivity and water use efficiency in agriculture
Date Description Location Investment
13/04/07 Tasmanian Irrigation water use automatic data collection and management project Tas $5,750,672
02/02/07 Coleambally Water Efficiency and Metering NSW $7,205,692
2/02/07 Lake Brewster Dam Efficiency and Wetland Rehabilitation NSW $7,500,000
20/10/06 Restoring Unregulated Rivers Initiative Vic $3,170,000
28/04/06 Central Irrigation Trust Remote Reading of Irrigation Water Meters SA $2,187,984
24/06/05 Macalister Irrigation District Channel Automation Vic $18,660,000
Increase urban water use efficiency and encourage water sensitive urban development
Date Description Location Investment
14/09/07 Warrnambool Roof Water Harvesting Vic $1,065,875
24/04/07 Western Corridor Recycling Plant Qld $408,000,000
21/04/06 Smart Metering and Sustainable Water Pricing Initiative Qld $2,549,829
29/03/06 Smart Approved WaterMark™ Scheme National $1,766,364
22/03/06 Water Loss Management Program for NSW Regional Water Utilities NSW $4,122,050
07/10/05 Metropolitan Adelaide Major Irrigator's Stormwater Reuse SA $2,764,951
19/05/05 Capturing Water Losses on the Gold Coast Qld $3,150,000
Manage surface and groundwater as connected systems
Date Description Location Investment
20/10/06 Sustainable Groundwater Management Vic $4,250,000
28/04/06 Integrated Water Resource Management in the South East of South Australia SA $6,249,000
28/04/06 Advancing Knowledge of Groundwater in the Mount Lofty Ranges, Northern Adelaide Plains and Kangaroo Island SA $1,520,000
29/03/06 Magnitude of Surface Water and Groundwater interaction National $1,350,000
Protect surface water and groundwater systems of high conservation value
Date Description Location Investment
02/02/07 NSW Rivers Environmental Restoration Program NSW $79,620,000
02/02/07 Restoring Flows to Wetlands in the Upper South-East of South Australia SA $7,699,937
Provide healthy safe and reliable water supplies
Date Description Location Investment
08/09/08 Water Quality 2010 NSW $4,500,000
04/07/07 Bega to Yellow Pinch Dam Water Transfer System NSW $10,000,000
14/06/07 Goulburn Water Supply Pipeline NSW $20,000,000
31/05/07 Mardi Mangrove Pipeline Link NSW $80,300,000
28/06/06 Environmentally Smart and Sustainable Water Supply for the Capricorn Coast Qld $16,467,000
Return over-allocated and overused systems to environmentally sustainable levels of extraction
Date Description Location Investment
26/08/07 NSW Hydrometric Network Expansion NSW $5,949,016
26/08/07 Pipeline NSW NSW $3,500,000
26/08/07 River Reach Water Trading System project National $2,277,918
18/08/06 NSW Wetland Recovery Plan NSW $13,400,000
05/04/06 Restoration of Groundwater Aquifer on the Cottesloe Peninsula WA $782,000
07/10/05 Virginia Pipeline Scheme Extension SA $2,035,000
24/06/05 Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Vic $266,000,000
19/05/05 Bundaberg Groundwater Rescue Feasibility Study Qld $227,273
Support statutory water planning
Date Description Location Investment
22/02/07 Water Planning in Western Australia WA $13,381,029
23/08/06 Implementation of the National Water Initiative in South Australia SA $12,885,589
07/04/06 Water Resource Planning for Sustainable Development in Northern Australia NT $845,926
07/04/06 Gulf Water Study NT $866,000
04/11/05 Agricultural Water Resource Planning Tas $2,253,945
07/10/05 Sustainable Management of Water Resources in the Mount Lofty Ranges SA $13,900,000
Support water markets and trading
Date Description Location Investment
27/04/07 Goldfields Superpipe to Bendigo and Ballarat Vic $114,500,000
28/04/06 Environmental Water Trading System SA $705,000
22/03/06 Hunter and Gosford-Wyong Water Sharing NSW $6,610,000