Environmental management system tool

The department has developed the EMS Tool to assist office based organisation who are committed to implementing an EMS. The tool is based on the Australian and New Zealand standard for environmental management (AS/NZS14001). It is anticipated that the tool will help to reduce the time and cost often associated with implementing an EMS and provide a well developed system for the management of environmental impacts resulting from the day to day operations of office based organisations.

The EMS Tool consists of a set of registers, a manual and guidance notes as well as three presentations. The registers and manual have been designed as templates which may be used by organisations to set up the documentation for their EMS. The guidance notes provide explanatory information on each section of an EMS (following the ISO14001 framework) and may provide assistance in understanding each of the steps involved in establishing and documenting an EMS.

The presentations may be useful when introducing the concept of an EMS and outlining the requirements of establishing an EMS within an organisation. They have been provided as examples and should be supplemented and modified to meet the unique requirements of each organisation.

Suggested use

The manual and registers are suggested formats for documenting an organisations EMS. Parts or all of the manual and registers may be modified, deleted or substituted as an organisation sees fit. Organisations with an existing environmental management system may be able to utilise parts of the EMS Tool as part of the continual improvement of their management system. Whilst the use of the EMS Tool may assist organisations to design, document and implement their EMS, it is recommended that professional advice is sought from an environmental consultant or conformity assessment body if the organisation wishes to gain independent certification of their EMS. Further information on certification is contained within the EMS Tool guidance notes.


EMS Tool - complete document

In three parts

EMS Tool Guidance Notes

EMS Tool Manual

EMS Tool Registers and Forms

The EMS Tool Registers and Forms can be downloaded as:

  1. Zipped file - EMS Tool Registers and Forms (ZIP - 1.01 MB)
  2. Individual word files
  3. A single PDF file - EMS Tool Registers and Forms (PDF - 319 KB)

EMS Tool - Powerpoint presentation templates