National Environmental Research Program

National Environmental Research Program

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What do you think about future environmental research investment?

The Australian Government is currently considering the future direction of environmental research activities.

The Department welcomes input from interested groups and individuals about future national investment in environmental research. This is part of our ongoing involvement in the research agenda and we’d invite you to contribute to the collection of ideas currently being considered. You can send through ideas at any time, however it would be particularly timely for us to hear your thoughts sooner rather than later – by mid-March if possible. Please email your thoughts on the top three environmental research priorities to

Please Note: Comments should include high level statements about strategic priorities – this is not a call for funding proposals, nor are we seeking detailed submissions or expressions of interest linked to potential funding.

Using science to inform environmental policy

The National Environmental Research Program invests $20 million each year in environmental research to support decision making.

Research Hubs

Information, including program guidelines and research questions, can be found here.


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