NVIS data products

A range of NVIS data products are available for use on different scales. Highly detailed data is received from state and territory custodians with standard NVIS attributes, and compiled into the national NVIS database. The resultant datasets are suited for use at a regional scale, however the Department is only licensed to use these detailed state and territory vegetation data within the Department, and are prohibited from making it publicly available.

The detailed data is also generalised and added to non-NVIS data to fill gaps, and recompiled to create the NVIS Major Vegetation Group (MVG) and Major Vegetation Subgroup (MVS) products. These generalised data are suited for national-scale analyses, and download links can be found below.

Current status of NVIS
Version Description Status


The original NVIS; released in 2001.


A restructured NVIS database; included Level V data.



This version comprised a full refresh, with the publication of updated MVGs. The 30 MVGs are based on structure, growth form and floristic composition of the dominant stratum of each vegetation type.

Superseded, but derived products are available.


This version includes 67 MVSs, a more detailed classification than MVG; based on MVG but includes understorey characteristics and other identifying floristic affinities.



Not a product; vector data supplied to BRS/NFI for State of the Forests Report (2008).


New; 2012 release with new and updated NVIS data from most jurisdictions. All data has been reinterpreted into revised MVG and MVS classifications. This version includes 33 MVGs and 85 MVSs. Also used in the State of the Environment Report 2011,