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The Australian National Botanic Gardens displays the world’s  largest collection of Australian native plants. Its living collection comprises more than 78,000 plants from all parts of the country - one third of all Australian species.

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Nestled in 90 hectares of bushland at the foot of Canberra’s Black Mountain, there are 40 hectares of developed gardens laid out in themes. They range from the Rainforest Gully with plants of eastern Australia, the alpine plants of the Rock Garden through to the Eucalypt lawn with one-fifth of Australian eucalypts. Visitors enjoy more than 120 kilometres of walking tracks.

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The history of the Gardens began in the 1930s, with a recommendation that a botanic garden be built on an old dry sheep paddock. Prime Minister Ben Chifley planted the first official tree in 1949.

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In the 1970s the Gardens became Australia’s first botanical institution specialising in native flora, sparking national interest in native plants for suburban and public landscaping. The Gardens passes on research to the horticultural industry to commercialise and is  increasingly involved in conservation of plants endangered in the wild and in restoration, seedbanking and species recovery projects.

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Most of the scientific research at the Gardens itself is undertaken in partnership. The Centre for Australian National  Biodiversity Research, a partnership with CSIRO Plant Industry  is expanding knowledge of Australia’s plant diversity through plant taxonomy and systematics, identifying, naming and classificating different groups of plants. Australia’s National Herbarium with over 1.2 million specimens, is responsible for the scientific integrity of the Gardens' plant labelling and manages the national plant name lists for Australia's botanical community.

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