Associated programs

National Parks are associated with a number of national programs aimed at improving both the environment and our lifestyles.


Healthy Parks Healthy People

Apart from the obvious benefits of parks for physical activity, they are sanctuaries from urban stress, places for people to connect and havens for children to explore the wonders of the natural world. Parks help provide us with a sense of place, cultural identity and spiritual nourishment. We experience a greater sense of health and wellbeing, of connection and meaning when immersed in the living systems that sustain us.

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National Landscapes

Australia’s National Landscapes Program was initiated by Parks Australia and Tourism Australia in 2005 and encouraged stronger partnership between conservation and tourism. It was inspired by the need to make Australia’s wealth of over 9,000 national parks, protected areas and reserves “digestible” for our domestic and international visitors.

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Australia's Biosphere Reserves

A biosphere reserve is a unique concept which includes one or more protected areas and surrounding lands that are managed to combine both conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.

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