Freycinet Commonwealth Marine Reserve

The Freycinet Commonwealth Marine Reserve covers a depth range from about 40 m on the shallow continental shelf, to abyssal depths of 3000 m or more at the edge of Australia's exclusive economic zone.

The reserve spans the continental shelf and deeper water ecosystems that extend around south-eastern Australia to the east of Tasmania. The shelf is adjoined to a large offshore saddle.

The reserve also includes large offshore seamounts, which are believed to be too deep to have been fished.

Seamounts are generally considered to be important centres of biodiversity. They offer a wide range of habitats at different depths and orientations to currents. The seamounts east of Tasmania are also believed to be individually important, providing habitat to species that may be unique to each seamount.

The shallower part of the reserve includes habitat important to seabirds.

White shark also forage in the reserve.

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Overview of Freycinet Commonwealth Marine Reserve
Area 57 942 km2 (5 794 200 ha)
Types of zoning Marine National Park Zone - IUCN Category II (56 793 km2)
Recreational Use Zone - IUCN Category IV (323 km2)
Multiple Use Zone - IUCN Category VI (826 km2)

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  • Examples of ecosystems, habitats and communities associated with the Tasmania Province, the Tasmanian Shelf Province and the Southeast Transition and associated with the sea-floor features: abyssal plain/deep ocean floor, canyon, escarpment, knoll/abyssal hill, saddle, seamount/guyot, shelf and terrace
  • Features with high biodiversity and productivity: east Tasmania subtropical convergence zone
  • Important foraging area for: wandering, black-browed and shy albatros, cape petrel and fairy prion, sei whales and killer whales
  • Important migration and resting on migration area for: southern right whale
  • Important migration area for: humpback whale.

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All fourteen reserves in the South-east are managed under the South-east Commonwealth Marine Reserves Network Management Plan 2013-23. This Management Plan sets out the zoning, allowable activities and rules for use within South-east marine reserves until 2023.

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