South-east Commonwealth Marine Reserves Network

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Australia's South-east Commonwealth Marine Reserves Network stretches from the far south coast of New South Wales, around Tasmania and Victoria and west to Kangaroo Island off South Australia. The reserves cover an area of 388 464 kmwith a depth of 40 m - 4600 m and includes striking features such as underwater canyons and mountains, and the diverse marine life associated with them, some of which is new to science and found nowhere else in the world.

The reserves are managed for the primary purpose of conserving the biodiversity found in them, while also allowing for the sustainable use of natural resources in some areas. The reserves include a vast range of ecosystems, habitats and biological communities representative of the South-east Marine Region. The reserves will help ensure our marine environment remains healthy and is more resilient to the effects of climate change and other pressures.

The South-east Commonwealth Marine Reserves Network protects places which are home to unique and diverse marine life, some of which is new to science and largely unexplored. Migratory whales make their way through these waters on their journey to and from Antarctica along Australia's east coast twice a year. Beneath the waves, iconic species such as great white sharks, southern bluefin tuna and blue whales roam. In the deep sea there is a diverse range of fishes and other creatures, such as crabs, coral, sea urchins and sponges that have bizarre and fascinating adaptations to survive in their deep, dark homes.

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Map of the South-east Commonwealth Marine Reserves Network

Nelson Commonwealth Marine ReserveZeehan Commonwealth Marine ReserveMurray Commonwealth Marine ReserveTasman Fracture Commonwealth Marine ReserveSouth Tasman Rise Commonwealth Marine ReserveEast Gippsland Commonwealth Marine ReserveFlinders Commonwealth Marine ReserveFreycinet Commonwealth Marine ReserveHuon Commonwealth Marine ReserveBeagle Commonwealth Marine ReserveApollo Commonwealth Marine ReserveBoags Commonwealth Marine ReserveFranklin Commonwealth Marine ReserveMacquarie island Commonwealth Marine Reserve

The network includes 14 Commonwealth Marine Reserves, ranging in size from 537 to 162 000 km2.

The reserves are:

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