Gladstone Bund Wall Review

An Independent Review of the Port of Gladstone was commissioned by the Australian Government in February 2013. Following the review reporting on its findings in 2013 information came to light regarding the design and construction of the reclamation bund wall at the Port of Gladstone. On 30 January 2014 the Minister for the Environment the Hon Greg Hunt MP commissioned an addendum to the independent review so that an independent panel could examine the latest information.

The Minister accepted the review, which contains 37 findings and 19 recommendations, on 9 May 2014. The relevant findings will be used to inform the assessment of future developments with reclamation areas in coastal environments.

Australian Government response

The Australian Government released its response to the Independent Review of the Port of Gladstone, the supplementary report and the independent Review of the Bund Wall at the Port of Gladstone on14 August 2015.

The Australian Government has agreed or agreed in principle with all the recommendations of the review that fall within the Australian Government’s jurisdiction.

Independent review panel

The review was co-chaired by Dr Andrew Johnson and Ms Anthea Tinney. Dr Ian Cresswell participated as a panel member.

Dr Andrew Johnson is a leader in environment and sustainability-related research at CSIRO and is a member of the International Scientific Advisory Committee of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

Ms Anthea Tinney and Dr Ian Cresswell both have previous experience and considerable knowledge regarding the management of the Port of Gladstone.