Walking trails | Norfolk Island National Park and Botanic Garden

Experience natural Norfolk Island on the walking tracks of Norfolk Island National Park. Tracks wind through lush palm forests and stands of Norfolk Island Pine. Some lead visitors to remarkable views of the island and the surrounding ocean.

All of the tracks offer a unique walking experience. The tracks have a range of gradings and lengths. The walking times indicated on the signs along the track are for a one way journey. Sufficient time has been allowed for you to walk at an easy pace with stops.

Botanic Garden walks

Samsons circuit

A moderate walk with stairs | 120 m
Catch great views of valleys of tree ferns and observe the plant Samson's sinew and introduced vines while walking through an area of disturbed forest where light has opened up the rainforest.

Rainforest gully circuit

A moderate walk with some stairs and steep sections | 600 m
Experience Norfolk's rainforest wonders like the giant vines and the cool, lush surroundings of the valley as you wander this rainforest gully track.

Tree fern valley circuit

A moderate walk with a few flights of stairs | 370 m
See the world's tallest tree ferns, huge whitewood trees and Norfolk Island's climbing fern on this interesting walk.

The boardwalk

An easy walk suitable for wheelchairs and strollers | 170 m
Stroll through shady forests and open woodlands and get an elevated boardwalk perspective with views down the gully sides. Witness Norfolk's spectacular sunsets from the viewing platform near the Mt Pitt end of the track.

Garden trail

An easy walk suitable for wheelchairs and strollers | 90 m
Learn about many of Norfolk Island's unique plants on this short walk featuring a sample of the plants found throughout the park.

National Park walks

Bird Rock track

A moderate to difficult, steep walk | 760 m
Bird Rock Track heads down from the Bridle Track towards Bird Rock. Travel through pine forest to a spectacular view from the cliff top overlooking Bird Rock. The return walk up Bird Rock Track from Bird Rock lookout is the most challenging in the park, because of its consistent uphill slope.

Red Stone link track

A moderate to difficult walk, some steep sections | 700 m
Use this track between Bird Rock Track and Bridle Track to avoid the steep climb out from the Bird Rock lookout. You'll pass through beautiful forests of Norfolk pine and rainforest. From October to March the air is full of white terns, black noddies and red-tailed tropic birds.

Old Mountain track

A moderate, steep walk | 540 m
Enter at the Mount Pitt Road entrance and walk along the track up Mt Pitt. As a reward for your efforts, savour the expansive views from the top looking south over Norfolk to Phillip Island. The Old Mountain track was the main access to Mt Pitt prior to World War II. You can still see the remnants of a gun emplacement on this track.

Mclachlans Lane

A moderate walk | 650 m
Start this walk from the Red Road entrance to the park and follow the path to the 'dry waterfall'. Look closely and you will see McLachlan's old house site among the Norfolk pine and white oak forest. At the end of the track you will discover a lush valley with a waterfall that flows after good rain.

Red road track

A moderate walk | 1.7 km
Take this walk from the Red Road car park towards the top of Mt Bates. Experience the grandeur of some magnificent stands of Norfolk pine, one of the island's best known symbols. Catch glimpses into the steep valleys on either side filled with palms and ferns. This is a good place to see birdlife - maybe even the Norfolk Island green parrot.

Bridle track

An easy to moderate walk, some steep sections | 1.7 km
Take the Bridle Track from below the grassy slope at Captain Cook Monument to the intersection at Red Road Track. Meander up and around the edge of the coastline through coastal vegetation, Norfolk Island pines and white oaks. Enjoy spectacular views of the coastline and islets.

Palm Glen circuit track

An easy to moderate walk | 910 m
Start and finish this walk from the Palm Glen picnic area. Enjoy the lush greenery as you take the path through one of Norfolk Island's spectacular rainforest gullies. See marvellous tree ferns and dense stands of Norfolk palms - a palm tree found no where else in the world. Experience a magnificent panoramic view over the southern parts of Norfolk Island and out to Phillip Island.

Palm Glen track

An easy walk | 290 m
Take this link walk from the Palm Glen Circuit Track to connect with the Red Road Track. This is your chance to see beautiful stands of native Norfolk palm mixed in with giant tree ferns. You may also spot the large and very old specimen of a tree exclusive to Norfolk, the bastard oak (Ungeria floribunda).

Summit track

An easy walk | 500 m
Journey along the ridge top from the peak of Mt Pitt to the peak of Mt Bates, the highest points on the island. Venture through tea-tree forest and stately Norfolk pines. Catch spectacular panoramic views over Norfolk and the coast.

Mount Bates track

An easy walk | 620 m
Begin this track at Mt Pitt Road to walk up Mt Bates. The wide grassy track skirts the top edge of the ridge through palm forests with amazing island views to the south-east. You will be rewarded for your climb with breathtaking views over the north-west of the island. Excavations at the top are relics of a WWII radar station.