Visitor Survey Program 2000-2001 | Kakadu National Park


About the Survey

A 12 months visitor survey commenced in September 2000. Four quarterly surveys were completed, representing:

  • Shoulder 1 (i.e. September, October, and November);
  • Off-peak (i.e. December, January, and February);
  • Shoulder 2 (i.e. March, April and May); and
  • Peak season (i.e. June, July and August).

In addition, the annual report provides the combined results for the whole year of the survey.

The park-wide survey forms were distributed by Kakadu National Park staff to vehicles passing through the two entry stations and on request to visitors at the Bowali Visitor Centre.

The survey staff attended each of the prescribed sites for a minimum of two days during the season subject to obtaining the required minimum number of completed questionnaires. Where the minimum number of representative surveys was not obtained during this two-day period, survey staff extended their attendance for at least an extra day, or returned to the site on a later day to satisfy the respective minimum response rates for each site. Survey staff also attended each of the prescribed sites for at least one weekend day during each season.

During the 12 months 3,410 surveys were completed, representing 8,167 visitors to the park.