Use of Fire for Ecological Purposes in Protected Area Management - SA Department of Environment and Heritage 2002


A report prepared for the National Parks and Protected Area Management Committee
National Parks and Wildlife South Australia, 2002

About this document

The 1990's saw a growing emphasis on biodiversity, and recognition that maximising biodiversity in protected areas was dependent upon good management practices, including fire management. In 1994, the Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council's (ANZECC) Standing Committee on Conservation initiated a Best Practice Program across a number of key areas of natural resource management, including reviewing best practice in the ecological use of fire in protected areas.

One of the aims of the Best Practice Program was to utilise benchmarking and best practice principles to share knowledge and information about the management of protected areas. This shared knowledge and information could then aid continuous improvement in the management of natural and cultural resources and the provision of services to the community.

A lead agency was nominated for each program area to coordinate the assessment, review and reporting on benchmarking and best practice. With the ecological use of fire in its infancy in the protected areas of South Australia, National Parks and Wildlife South Australia chose to be the lead agency in "The Use of Fire for Ecological Purposes in Protected Areas."

This report provides a summary of current knowledge as provided by member agencies. It is recognised that further research and development in this field is required that will add to the body of knowledge in this area.