For tourism operators

We've prepared two sets of guidelines to make the process of applying for a tourism operator permit or licence simpler. Please refer to these guidelines to determine which one you need.


Please use the relevant form to apply for a permit to conduct a commercial tour in Booderee National Park. The application fee for a permit is $50 and you are required to have $20 million public liability insurance before you will be issued with a permit.

Land tours

Commercial land based tour operators permit application (PDF - 127.18 KB) | (DOC - 266 KB)

Boat tours

Commercial boat tour operators permit application (PDF - 128.8 KB) | (DOC - 271 KB)

Scuba diving tours - NB. There is a limit to how many permits are available at any one time.

Commercial SCUBA diving tour operators permit application (PDF - 129.83 KB) | (DOC - 269.5 KB)


Please contact the park for further information on 02 4442 1006 or