National approach to firewood collection and use in Australia

Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council, 2001

About the document

This document arises from Resolution 422 of the 19th meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council (ANZECC) that a SCEP/SCC task force (the 'Firewood Taskforce') 'develop a national approach to commercial and private firewood collection'.

Implementation of the National Approach

A multi-jurisdictional Firewood Taskforce was formed in 2000 under ANZECC to oversee the implementation of the National Approach. The Voluntary code of practice for firewood merchants (the Code of Practice) was developed by the Firewood Taskforce as a major outcome. The Code of Practice was endorsed in August 2005 by the successor to ANZECC, the Natural Resource Management Ministerial Council.

The Australian Government has provided $500,000 through the Natural Heritage Trust to the Firewood Association of Australia (FAA) to assist it in increasing its numbers of certified members, and in conducting community awareness activities. Certified members of the FAA comply with the Code of Practice.

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