Management Plan Technical Audit 2002-2009 | Booderee National Park

About the Audit

The Park Board, currently consisting of seven members of the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community, tourism and scientific representatives, officer in charge HMAS Creswell, Representative of Attorney-General's Department, and Director of National Parks, is responsible for the preparation and monitoring the implementation of the Booderee National Park Management Plan 2002-2009.

Prescription 11.2 of the Plan states:

Towards the end of the period of implementation of this Plan, the Park Board and the Director will commission an independent technical audit of this Plan with the following terms of reference:

  • to consider each prescribed management action and determine whether or not it was carried out;
  • to evaluate the performance of each prescribed action in relation to the objective or objectives it was intended to serve;
  • in the case of any prescribed action that was not implemented, or which failed to achieve the desired outcome, to determine the cause;
  • to report the results of the audit to the Park Board together with an overall assessment of the delivery of the Plan in relation to its objectives; and in the light of this Plan's performance,
  • to recommend to the Director and to the Minister any changes to the objectives and prescribed actions that should be considered during the preparation of the next plan.