Kokoda Initiative - Annual Report 2012-2013


Australian Government, Papua New Guinean Government

The Kokoda Initiative is a partnership between
Papua New Guinea and Australia on the Owen Stanley Ranges, Brown River Catchment and Kokoda Track Region

Executive summary

This annual report provides an overview of the key outcomes delivered under the Kokoda Initiative for the period 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013. The Second Joint Understanding 2010–2015 of the Kokoda Initiative provides the overarching vision under which the initiative partners work and sets out five clearly defined goals. Work carried out to meet these goals is undertaken in a manner that will continue to be sustainable after the Second Joint Understanding expires at the end of 2015.

The delivery of outcomes in 2012–13 has been achieved through the partnership of key agencies from Australia and Papua New Guinea in cooperation with a number of key stakeholders. These are:

  • PNG Central and Northern Provincial Administrations
  • PNG National Museum and Art Gallery
  • landowners and communities living in the region, especially along the Kokoda Track
  • tour operators and trekkers
  • charity groups and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)
  • the Returned Services League (RSL)

Activities carried out in this reporting period include:

  • ongoing maintenance of the Kokoda Track in partnership with local communities to provide a safe environment for track communities and trekkers
  • delivery of health, education and infrastructure services to track communities
  • continued mentoring for local community members to assist in the creation of long-term livelihood opportunities
  • continued progress on the long-term conservation and wise use of the Kokoda Track and its cultural, natural and military values through scientific studies and development of management stategies
  • increasing capacity of initiative partners through work exchanges, reciprocal visits and cooperative work practices to ensure the long-term sustainability of Kokoda Initiative outcomes

The upcoming 12 months of the Kokoda Initiative will see the delivery of a number of projects that will continue to enhance trekker experiences and improve the livelihoods of local residents in the Owen Stanley Ranges. In addition the implementation of a number of strategic management systems and processes will ensure continued success of initiative programs after the Second Joint Understanding draws to an end. The ongoing commitment shown by the governments of Papua New Guinea and Australia will ensure that the initiative continues to work towards achieving the goals of the Second Joint Understanding and building closer ties between the two nations.