Fly Neighbourly Agreement | Kakadu National Park

The Kakadu National Park Fly Neighbourly Agreement is made between aircraft operators, the Regional Airspace and Procedures Advisory Committee, and the Director of National Parks to abide by specified procedures when operating in the airspace above Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory of Australia. These procedures include minimum heights for aircraft, avoidance of specified localities and adoption of recognised scenic routes in order to help achieve park management objectives in relation to park amenity, tourism experience and nature conservation.

Kakadu National Park is jointly managed with its traditional Aboriginal owners and is first and foremost a home for local Aboriginal people. Tourism based on the park is a significant contributor to the local and regional economies, and provides business opportunities for many local Aboriginal people.

Low flying by sightseeing aircraft has the potential to compromise park amenity, for example by intrusions of low flying aircraft disturbing people concentrated at park features or residential areas. It may also compromise conservation objectives, for example through disturbance to animals arising from the noise or air turbulence caused by aircraft.

Attached are a number of documents that will assist you in your aerial adventures over the park:

For further information please contact:

Operations Manager
Kakadu National Park
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