Fires | Booderee National Park

Visitors are asked to take care with fire. To avoid causing wildfires, please:

  • check fire restrictions before lighting fires
  • use fires only for cooking
  • only light fires in fireplaces provided
  • keep fires small to conserve wood
  • only collect wood from the wood bins provided (collecting wood from a national park destroys habitat and is an offence)
  • heat beads and other solid fuels may be used only in, or within 5 metres of fireplaces provided. Any fires not in a fire place must be contained in a portable barbecue or stove
  • make sure your fire or heat beads are fully extinguished. Fire hose reels and taps are located near provided fireplaces

Total fire ban days

Total fire bans will be declared in the Park when a ban is in place for the Shoalhaven district, or at other times as determined by the Park Manager. In the event of a total fire ban:

  • fire signs in the Park will indicate extreme fire danger and/or total fire ban
  • walking trails will be closed, with the exception of Murrays Beach, Caves, Bristol Point, Green Patch, Ruined Lighthouse access points and some walking trails in the Botanic Gardens
  • no fires are allowed for any purpose
  • heat beads and any form of solid fuel may not be used
  • gas barbecues or stoves or trangiers may be used
    • only in or within 5 m of provided fireplaces, where there is an immediate and continuous supply of water (they may not be used on campsites)
    • under the direct control of an adult
  • Electric barbecues at Green Patch day use and camping areas and Botanic Gardens may be used

Reporting a fire

If you see a fire, report it on 000, Shoalhaven Fire Control on 4421 5022 or the Visitor Centre 4443 0977.


If evacuation is necessary, follow the directions of Police or Park staff. Campground evacuation points are the nearest beach, unless directed otherwise