Creation Story | Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

The creation beings have left their mark on the Uluru landscape and give Anangu important lessons on how to behave.

Barbara Tjikatu -Tradtional Owner:
This is Mututjulu.

And here is the story and Tjukurpa of Kuniya, the sand python coming.

Kuniya, the sand python, see just over there, she is moving across, descending this way.

She left her eggs a short distance away, and came across just over there,

coming across, you can see her over there, coming across there.

Doing her ritual dance as she comes closer, moving across there.

From over there she got earth, from the ground and put in on herself in preparation.

she was becoming enraged and challenging for a fight because of what had happened to her nephew and she, Kuniya the sand python, struck the Liru.

In this way - see how it is over there, up above.