Compliance audits completed during 2014 - Summary of findings

Department of the Environment, 2014

About the summaries

This document is a summary of findings for compliance audits completed during 2014 by the EPBC Act compliance auditing programme.

The projects audited were:

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Sea Dumping Permit No. SD2012/2262 – Dampier Heavy Load-Out Facility Berth and Swing Basin Expansion Project

A compliance audit of a sea dumping permit to load, for the purposes of dumping, and to dump up to 98,300 cubic metres of dredge spoil, derived from capital dredging of the existing Dampier Heavy Load Out Facility at the Port of Dampier, WA, was conducted by the Department from July to November 2013.

There are 24 conditions set out in the Sea Dumping permit decision. The Dampier Port Authority (DPA) generally demonstrated compliance with the requirements of the sea dumping permit conditions that were applicable at the time of the audit.

Permit condition 3 requires the DPA to undertake dumping activities in accordance with the approved Dredge Management Plan (DMP). The DPA was found to have a non-conformance in relation to the approved DMP which requires a daily log of observations of the plume to be maintained and provided to DPA at the conclusion of the dredging works. The DPA confirmed that the contractor did not provide them with a copy of the daily log of water quality monitoring observations at the conclusion of the dredging works; this non-conformance constitutes a non-compliance with condition 3 of the Sea Dumping Permit.

There were three undetermined findings in relation to permit conditions 3, 11 and 20. These related to: implementation of the DMP; recording of observations for cetaceans, turtles or dugongs within the monitoring zone; and undertaking monitoring and reporting as detailed in the approved DMP.

The non-compliance has been dealt with administratively in line with the Department’s Compliance and Enforcement Policy.