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Refrigerant Trading Authorisation

A Refrigerant Trading Authorisation must be held by any individual or business acquiring, possessing or disposing of fluorocarbon refrigerant.

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Restricted Refrigerant Trading Authorisation (RRTA)

The Restricted Refrigerant Trading Authorisation (RRTA) allows the holder to acquire, possess and dispose of refrigerant that is recovered from RAC equipment at the end of its useful life. Holders of a RRTA may not purchase, or otherwise acquire, bulk refrigerant, for example, refrigerant in cylinders.

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Refrigerant Equipment Manufacturers Authorisation

A Refrigerant Equipment Manufacturers Authorisation must be held by any business that acquires refrigerant (other than halon) for use in the manufacture of RAC equipment.

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  • Contact the ARC on 1300 884 483 to find out more about manufacturers authorisations or how to apply.

National regulations are in place which affect people  who acquire, possess, dispose of or handle ozone depleting substances or synthetic greenhouse gases.

The ARC (Australian Refrigeration Council) has been appointed the Industry Board to administer the regulations.

For further information, contact the ARC on 1300 884 483 or view the ARC's frequently asked questions.