Halon purchases

Halon stockpiled at the National Halon Bank is available to meet the approved essential use requirements of Australian industry. Commercial overseas sales will not normally be made, however, sales on a Government to Government basis will be considered.

Domestic purchases

Bulk transport container

Bulk transport container

Purchases may be arranged by contacting the National Halon Bank or Department of the Environment. Purchasers must be licensed and hold a Halon Special Permit (see Essential Use Exemptions) to access the Halon stockpile. Sales are made on a cost recovery basis. Prices are on application.

Agreed purposes are limited to:

  • Commercial and private aviation;
  • Ocean going shipping, including foreign flag vessels operating in or through Australian waters; and
  • Certain defence applications.

All halon supplied from the National Halon Bank has been recovered from commercial uses and reclaimed to meet the international standard - ISO 7201-1 1989.


For all National Halon Bank enquiries:
Phone: 1800 658 084

For Policy related enquiries please contact:
Department of the Environment
Email: nationalhalonbank@environment.gov.au
Phone: 1800 803 772 - Community Information Unit