Suppliers and buyers of methyl bromide

The sale, purchase and use of methyl bromide is controlled under the Act and associated regulations. Suppliers, buyers and users of methyl bromide have obligations they must meet under the Act and regulations.

Record of sale form

Anyone who sells methyl bromide, whether for QPS, non-QPS or feedstock purposes, must keep a record of the sale for five years from the date of the sale. This record must be kept on the Record of sale form provided by the department. It is the responsibility of suppliers to ensure that they are using the correct forms.

The buyer will be required to sign a declaration on the Record of sale form that states whether the methyl bromide will be used for QPS, feedstock or non-QPS (exemption) purposes.

Sellers may only sell non-QPS methyl bromide to:

  • A person who has an exemption, but only if the seller is listed as the nominated supplier for that exemption holder on a Non-QPS Exemption List. These lists identify the holders of critical use exemptions in a particular exemption year, their nominated suppliers, and their maximum allocated amount of methyl bromide for that particular year.
  • More about the non-QPS exemption lists
  • A nominated supplier for an exemption holder, but only if the seller is listed as an intermediate supplier for the buyer on a non-QPS intermediate supplier list. These lists identify which suppliers of methyl bromide can sell methyl bromide in a particular year to other nominated suppliers for supply to critical use exemption holders.
  • More about the non-QPS intermediate supplier lists

Suppliers may sell feedstock methyl bromide only to a person who has a feedstock permit, but only if the supplier is listed as their nominated supplier on the feedstock permit.

Suppliers must ensure that:

  • they do not sell to exemption holders more non-QPS methyl bromide than the quantity specified on the relevant Non-QPS Exemption List for that particular year
  • they do not sell to a nominated supplier more non-QPS methyl bromide than that nominated supplier is allowed to sell to exemption holders, as per the Non-QPS Exemption List for that particular year, and
  • they do not sell to a feedstock permit holder more feedstock methyl bromide in a permit period than the amount specified on the feedstock permit.

Importers must comply with the conditions of their import licence, including with respect to who they can sell non-QPS and feedstock methyl bromide to and in what amounts. Suppliers with questions about to whom they can supply methyl bromide, or how much, should contact the department for advice.

Currently, there are no restrictions for suppliers with respect to whom they can sell QPS stocks of methyl bromide.  There are, however, record-keeping requirements for the QPS users of methyl bromide.

Report of sales form

Suppliers are required to report to the department to whom they have sold methyl bromide (whether for QPS, non-QPS or feedstock purposes), and in what amounts, within 14 days of the end of each quarter. A Report of sales form is available for this purpose. However, suppliers may choose to submit their reports in their own format, provided the information contained in their report is consistent with the information contained in the department’s example:

Contact details

For further information about your obligations under the regulations, to receive hard copies of any of the forms, or to discuss any methyl bromide issue, please contact:

Import Operations Section
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Canberra ACT 2601

Phone: +61 2 6274 1373
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