Current projects

Under the Product Stewardship Act 2011 there is a requirement to publish a product list every year. End-of-life air conditioners and refrigerators with small gas charges and waste architectural and decorative paint were included on the 2014-15 Product List. These products were previously listed in 2013-14.

End-of-life air conditioners and refrigerators with small gas charges

The Department assessed the feasibility of introducing a product stewardship approach to improve management of end-of-life domestic refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. A cost benefit analysis did not show a net benefit to society and the Department will not pursue further work on end-of-life domestic refrigeration and air conditioning equipment at this time.

The work undertaken has contributed to knowledge on the management of end-of-life whitegoods in Australia that will assist industry and governments to better manage disposal of these products in the future. Opportunities for better management which may be examined at a jurisdictional level include improvements in disposal pathways for refrigerators and freezers and reducing shredder floc going to landfill.

The Department will also use this work to help inform the review of the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act 1989 and associated legislation. The Ozone Review aims to identify opportunities to reduce compliance costs for businesses and individuals and to reduce emissions of ozone depleting substances and synthetic greenhouse gases in line with international efforts.

The Department will work with industry to develop best practice guidelines for retailer take-back schemes. This guide will help industry ensure that retail take-back schemes operate at best practice and encourage greater availability of take-back services for consumers when purchasing a new appliance.

Waste architectural and decorative paint

Sustainability Victoria is supporting industry in the development of product stewardship approach for waste architectural and decorative paint. The Department supports this initiative and is represented on the Waste Paint Implementation Working Group.