For schools - To 30 June 2015

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and Anangu traditional owners welcome you to Aboriginal land.

Entry fee exemptions. Find out more.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and Anangu traditional owners welcome schools under the Entry Fee Exemption policy who primarily visit  the park for educational purposes. Australian schools visiting primarily for educational purposes to learn about the parks key interpretative messages are exempt from paying fees.

The normal fee for entry to the park is $25 per person for a three day pass. Person's under the age of 16 are exempt from the entry fee. If exemption is not approved then any teachers, supervisors and students over the age of 16 years are required to pay the park entry fee. The entry fee exemption is only available for Australian schools and their students.

Please take a moment to read the Introduction to Anangu culture (PDF - 55.18 KB) before filling out the entry fee exemption application form below. The park can only process your application if it receives this form.

The main criteria for entry fee exemption being granted are that:

  • Entry fee exemption is only available to students from primary and secondary schools within Australia.
  • The school's educational aims reflect the values of the park and include the park's key interpretive messages.
  • The school provides a basic itinerary of their intended activities within the park.
  • The school attends a cultural presentation (if available) on the key interpretive messages during your visit to the park. This presentation will focus on:
    • Tjukurpa (traditional law and creation stories) being recognised as a fundamental guide to the management of the park
    • Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park being listed for its natural and cultural World Heritage values
    • The park is Aboriginal land and is jointly managed
    • Nguraritja (traditional owners) and Parks Australia ask that visitors respect culture and not climb Uluru

This presentation will take approximately 45 minutes.

Due to the number of visitors who come to the Cultural Centre and the available facilities, presentations for up to 40 people can be given at the one time - if your group exceeds 40 people, presentations can be given at different times or at other areas within the Cultural Centre precinct.

The Cultural Centre project officer will suggest possible itineraries if your group needs to be split up.

Presentations are only available to groups visiting the park on Monday to Friday and are unfortunately not available on weekends. Our staff can provide information on alternative tours available on request.

Please ensure that your group arrives at least 10 minutes prior to the allocated time, so you can be directed to the presentation area.

Presentations can be delivered Monday to Friday at 11.00 am, 12.00 pm, 1.00 pm, or 2.00 pm. Presentations must be booked prior to your group's arrival.

Visiting the Cultural Centre. Find out more.

It can take one to two hours to explore the Cultural Centre and experience our presentation, so please allow enough time for this. The Cultural Centre is an important introduction to Anangu culture with displays on Tjukurpa and the natural and cultural environment. The centre presents other important information, such as the reasons why Anangu ask visitors to respect culture and not climb Uluru, and what is appropriate behaviour while visiting Anangu land and the park.

The Cultural Centre contains many Aboriginal paintings, creation stories and designs. The traditional owners request that visitors do not photograph or film inside the centre so as to protect Indigenous cultural and intellectual property.

The Cultural Centre also supports Aboriginal owned business including Uluru Aboriginal Tours, Maruku Arts and Walkatjara Gallery as well as Ininti Café which offers a large range of meals, drinks and souvenirs. If your group requires any catering contact Ininti Café on 08 8956 2214.

Daily activities. Find out more.

Every day the park offers a free, ranger-guided interpretive tour on the Mala walk at 8.00 am.

This walk is designed to accommodate independent travellers and does not cater to school groups. As such any educational groups coming into the park are asked to make their own arrangements for tours in and around the region.

Pre-trip planning. Find out more.

To assist your pre-trip planning when coming to the region please download the park’s maps and safety brochure at

A free podcast of the region can be downloaded from

If you would like more information in the park or the Anangu culture, please visit our website at

Please be aware that from 1 April 2011, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park introduced the compulsory Uluru-Kata Tjuta Knowledge for Tour guide accreditation program. The park introduced the program to ensure that all visitors to the park received the correct interpretation on how to stay safe and on the park's natural and cultural values and history. The primary person providing information on the park must have completed the course. Please check with your transport company to ensure they are permitted to operate commercial tours in the park and their staff have this accreditation.

If you are using a school owned and/or hire vehicle you are not required to have an accredited guide although we do recommend that all schools visiting the park arrange for an accredited guide to complement their tour and ensure your group learns about the natural and cultural values of the park.

For more information on the accreditation please visit:

Application form

Please note: this form must be completed by a representative of the school or educational facility i.e. teacher/group supervisor who is responsible for the group whilst in the park.

Please allow a minimum of 30 days for us to review your application.

If you have any questions regarding this application form please contact us - email, or phone 08 8956 1128.


Your school can apply for free park entry here for trips before 30 June 2015.

School details
School representative details
Estimated arrival at entry station
Requested presentation time
This section is only required for visits on weekdays.
Participant information
Special needs
Transport information

If you are using a charter vehicle, please provide details:

Yulara accommodation details
Knowledge for Tour Guides

If no please advise your charter provider to go to this page.

Media permits

If yes, please contact parks media staff as you will require further information and forms. Email or phone 08 8956 1114.

Conditions for granting entry fee exemption to the park
  1. The school's educational aims reflect the values of the park including the key interpretive messages such as "Please don't climb".
  2. The group provides an itinerary of their intended activities within the park.
  3. The group attends a presentation at the Cultural Centre within the first day of entering the park.
"Nguraritja and Parks Australia ask that visitors respect culture and not climb Uluru"

A series of park notes are available on our website. These notes provide accurate information and facts on the park.