Coastal Upland Swamps in the Sydney Basin Bioregion

Nomination to list an ecological community as endangered under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act)
December 2013


Invitation to comment

On behalf of the Threatened Species Scientific Committee, the Australian Government Department of the Environment (the Department) is undertaking public consultation on the assessment of the Coastal Upland Swamps in the Sydney Basin Bioregion as a potentially threatened ecological community under Australia’s national environmental law, the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (the EPBC Act). It is proposed to assess the community for listing as ‘endangered’.

The department would appreciate feedback and comments on:

  • Whether the ecological community merits listing in the ‘endangered’ category.
  • Whether the draft description could be improved and if so, how.

A list of questions to guide comments is provided below.

The period of consultation closes on 16 February 2014.

About the nomination and assessment

In December 2010 the Threatened Species Scientific Committee requested the Department review the listed ecological community ‘Temperate Highland Peat Swamps on Sandstone’ with the view that it could be split into two separate ecological communities, one of which was the ‘Upland Peat Swamps of the Sydney Sandstone Basin’, later renamed ‘Peaty Upland Swamps on Sandstone in the Sydney Basin’. The revision concluded that the proposed changes would be confusing and would not achieve the desired protection outcomes. Subsequently the decision was made to keep the original ‘Temperate Highland Peat Swamps on Sandstone’ ecological community as is and look at the recently listed New South Wales ‘Coastal Upland Swamp in the Sydney Basin Bioregion’ to assess whether it would be appropriate to list a similar or the same ecological community under the national environmental law.

The assessment was placed on the 2013 Finalised Priority Assessment List by the  Minister for the Environment. Guided by expert technical input, an assessment of eligibility for listing by the Threatened Species Scientific Committee has progressed in the form of a draft description of the ecological community.

Questions to guide comments

  1. Does the ecological community merit listing in the ‘Endangered’ category? Please support your comments with information and data. If some of that information is not published, would you be willing to be quoted as an expert (“personal communication”)?
  2. Is the draft description for this ecological community appropriate to identify the ecological community in the field? If not, please indicate changes or additions that will improve the description.
  3. Please provide further information about the nature and timeframe of threats operating on the ecological community, including the severity, consequences and particular regions or locations the threats are operating.
  4. Please provide relevant information about the flora and fauna that make up this ecological community for a particular jurisdiction or region or location.
  5. Please provide any information about priority conservation actions to manage or recover the ecological community.

Providing comments

All comments received will be forwarded to both the Threatened Species Scientific Committee and the Minister for the Environment. Information in the assessment, as well as other information received by the Department, will be used by the Committee to determine the threatened status of the ecological community and advise the Minister for the Environment on whether or not to amend the list of threatened ecological communities under the EPBC Act. The Minister for the Environment makes the decision on whether or not to list a threatened ecological community under the EPBC Act.

The public comment period closes on 16 February 2014.

If you wish to comment, please send your comments quoting the ecological community name to:


Ecological Communities Section
Department of the Environment
GPO Box 787
Canberra ACT 2601

Fax: (02) 6274 2214

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Privacy and confidentiality in regard to comments received on the listing assessment

Information contained in any comments will be stored and used by the department in compliance with its obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

If you wish your comments to remain confidential, you should clearly mark the relevant part(s) of your comments as ‘confidential’. Notwithstanding any obligations of confidentiality, the department may be required by law or parliamentary process to disclose, or allow disclosure of, any information contained in or relating to any comments (including personal and/or confidential information), including in response to a request by a House or a Committee of the Parliament of the Commonwealth or under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth).