Conduct and Ethical Behaviour Framework

On 13 January 2014 the Secretary approved the below listed policies and guidelines which form the Department's Conduct and Ethical Behaviour Framework. These policies apply to all ongoing and non ongoing departmental employees and positively assist all employees and managers with their responsibilities and obligations in the context of APS and ethical workplace behaviour standards and expectations.

The Department's Conduct and Ethical Behaviour Framework consists of the following important policy documents:

This policy document provides guidance to employees on specific elements of the APS Values and Code of Conduct and discusses common ethical issues often encountered by APS employees during the course of their APS employment.

This policy document provides information about how allegations of employee misconduct are addressed including the step by step procedures that are undertaken when an employee is under formal investigation for a suspected breach of the APS Code of Conduct.

This policy document provides information about employee conduct standards and expectations regarding respect and courtesy in the workplace. It also provides information about the types of behaviours that do, and do not, constitute inappropriate behaviours considered to be bullying and harassment and sexual harassment in the workplace. This policy also provides 10 important steps for managers to take if they receive a complaint of inappropriate behaviour about one of their staff members.

This policy document provides guidance to employees if they suspect a criminal offence has been, or is being, committed in the workplace, what to do if they are charged with a criminal offence that is unrelated to their APS employment, and the formal investigation process followed if an employee is suspected of committing a criminal offence that is connected to their APS employment.

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 came into effect on 15 January 2014. These procedures explain how employees can make a public interest disclosure report. Disclosures must be made to an Authorised Officer, these are set out below.

Position Contact Number
Deputy Secretary
Climate Change and Water Group
02 6274 2300
Deputy Secretary
Environment Protection Group
02 6274 1112
Deputy Secretary
Strategic Projects
02 6274 1500
Deputy Secretary
Office of Environmental Science and Economics
02 6274 1366
First Assistant Secretary
Australian Antarctic Division
03 6232 3200
Chief Operating Officer
Corporate Strategies Division
02 6274 1555
Assistant Secretary
Parks Business and Policy Branch, Parks Australia
03 6208 2922
Assistant Secretary
Joint Management Branch, Parks Australia
08 8920 1302
Assistant Secretary
Island and Biodiversity Science Branch, Parks Australia
02 6250 9501
Assistant Secretary
Commonwealth Marine Reserves Branch, Parks Australia
03 6208 2940