National Centre for Tropical Wetland Research

The National Centre for Tropical Wetland Research (NCTWR) was terminated in November 2008 following a decision by the Parties to the Heads of Agreement to terminate the Agreement.

The Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts has noted the decision of the Parties to terminate the Centre, and that research activities to ensure the conservation and sustainable management of northern Australia’s rivers and wetlands will continue to be progressed through the TRaCK research program and other initiatives.

The key research roles of the NCTWR are well captured by TRaCK, and there is now more wetland/aquatic ecosystem research occurring across northern Australia than during the NCTWR’s most active periods. Moreover, the NCTWR’s biggest and perhaps most successful project, the Tropical Rivers Inventory and Assessment Project (TRIAP), has provided an invaluable information base for the TRaCK program to build upon.

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