Verticordia: The turner of hearts

Verticordia, The turner of hearts cover

Verticordia: The turner of hearts

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When the French botanist De Candolle described one of Australia’s most attractive groups of wildflowers, Verticordias, he was so struck by their beauty that the legend of Venus is thought to have influenced his choice of name. Venus, the Roman goddess of love, was reputed to have the power to beguile and turn the hearts of her suitors.

The author and  more than 250 volunteers searched for Verticordia across its range in southwestern WA, northern Australia and even into the Gibson and Great Victoria Deserts. They found 101 species, 13 subspecies and 30 varieties. The known range of many species was extended during this survey, but others were confirmed to be very restricted. Out of this cooperative effort has arisen a planned conservation effort for the 75 species now documented as rare or endangered.

This attractive book provides detailed information on the origins, biology, distribution, conservation and cultivation of these magnificent plants. It contains detailed descriptions and illustrations of every species.

Wildflower artist Margaret Pieroni contributed 147 exquisite full-page watercolour paintings covering most species, subspecies and variety.

About this book

Publishers: Australian Biological Resources Study/University of Western Australia Press
Year: 2002
Author: E.A. (Berndt) George
Illustrator: M.Pieroni
ISBN-10: 1 876 26846 8
ISBN-13: 978 1 876 26846 6
Size: 297 × 210 mm (A4)
Number of pages: 422 pages, index
Binding: Hardcover, section stitched
Illustrations: 147 colour paintings, colour photographs, maps