Numbers of Living Species in Australia and the World

2nd edition

Australian Biodiversity Information Services, Toowoomba, Australia
A Report for the Australian Biological Resources Study September 2009
ISBN (printed) 978 0 642 56860 1 OUT OF PRINT
ISBN (online) 978 0 642 56861 8

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About this document

Numbers of Living Species in Australia and the World was first published in 2006. It was a collation of information from taxonomic literature, online resources and previous compilations, augmented by discussions with systematists. It is updated and revised in this new edition, taking into account newly published species, and refined estimates and corrections, again with considerable input from the taxonomic community. Insects are subdivided further than before, with separate figures being given for the component orders, and the algae and fungi are rearranged in line with more recent classifications.




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