Key to Australasian Liverwort and Hornwort Genera

Key to Australasian Liverwort and Hornwort Genera

Key to Australasian Liverwort and Hornwort Genera


The first comprehensive, interactive key to the 181 genera of liverworts and hornworts known from Australia and New Zealand.

The latest web-integrated Lucid™ Player provides an easy-to-use interface, with comprehensive fact-sheets, including a list of diagnostic characters for each genus and numerous photographs of macroscopic and microscopic features.


  1. An interactive key to the genera of liverworts and hornworts in Australia and New Zealand
  2. Diagnostic characters of each genus
  3. Genus descriptions along with details of habitat and distribution
  4. Checklists of species in Australia and New Zealand
  5. Literature references for each genus
  6. In most cases, enables the identification of sterile specimens
  7. More than 1000 photographs and drawings
  8. 90 characters to aid accurate identification
  9. A comprehensive glossary of technical terms accessible by hyperlinks
  10. An introduction that provides an overview of liverwort and hornwort biology, evolution, taxonomy and biogeography in the Australasian region
  11. Advice on how to collect and examine specimens

About this CD ROM

Electronic series: ABRS Identification Series
Publishers: Australian Biological Resources Study/Centre for Biological Information Technology (CBIT)
Year: 2005
Authors: D.Glenny, B.Malcolm
ISBN-10: 0 642 56840 5
ISBN-13: 978 0 642 56840 3

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