Lowland Native Grasslands of Tasmania ecological community

Date published: 
Tue, 09/22/2009 - 08:30

Hotline and direct advice for farmers

In accordance with the Australian Government’s recent commitment to provide farmers with further access to information about the listing of the Lowland Native Grasslands of Tasmania ecological community, the following provisions have been made:

  • A hotline (1800) freecall number is available to farmers wanting more information about the listing. Tasmanian farmers that may have the listed ecological community on their property are encouraged to call the department’s outposted Environment Liaison Officer with the National Farmers’ Federation.
  • The freecall number is 1800 704 520 (applies also to mobile phones).
  • The Environment Liaison Officer and the Department can help farmers determine if the ecological community is present on their property, if a proposed activity is exempt or is likely to have a significant impact and, if so, help with the referral and approval process.
  • Departmental officers will be available on request for site visits if required. Other grassland experts may also be available in certain cases.


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