National heritage

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Woolmers Estate (part of the World Heritage Listed Australian Convict Sites)

The Australian Government will work to instill a new sense of pride in Australia's heritage. We will work with local communities to share the stories about the things that have helped shape our nation and to ensure that our heritage places are protected for future generations.

Community Heritage & Icons Programme

A new Community Heritage and Icons Programme will:

  • protect Australia’s National Historic Sites
  • help local historical and heritage groups preserve our local heritage
  • grants for the conservation, development and exhibition of our local cultural heritage
  • Community Heritage and Icons Grants

Our Borders and Beyond

Australia’s environment extends from the northernmost tip of Cape York to the southern land masses of Heard and McDonald Islands and Macquarie Island in the Southern Ocean and the 5.9 million square kilometres that make up our Australian Antarctic Territory.

Additional Programmes

  • Matthew Flinders' map
  • Community Heritage Grants Programme
  • A Green Army for heritage


The call for applications for funding through the Protecting National Historic Sites programme is now open. Applications close on Wednesday 22 April 2015.
The call for applications for funding through the Community Heritage and Icons Grants 2014-15 Programme has now been extended. Applications close Friday 20 March 2015.
Funding for a range of interpretation, communication and promotion activities that promote community participation and awareness of places listed on Australia’s National Heritage List. Applications close 5 March 2015.

A Plan for a Cleaner Environment

Find out more about the Australian Government’s plan for a cleaner environment.