The Hon. Greg Hunt MP

Minister for the Environment

The Hon. Greg Hunt MP

Minister for the Environment

Waste facts at your fingertips

Media release
1 March 2014

Australians can be congratulated on recycling more and sending less waste to landfill.

A new national report has found that we are making great strides in waste management and there is still room for improvement.

National Waste Reporting 2013 is a new online resource developed by the Australian Government along with the states and territories providing improved access to data about waste and recycling in Australia.

The report provides information on trends in waste management and identifies opportunities for better managing our nation's waste. It details how much waste is generated and managed across Australia, with facts and figures about issues including hazardous and organic waste, the waste management industry and infrastructure, community and charitable operations, and product stewardship.

You can read about on-the-ground waste management and resource recovery examples and you can develop your own maps of various kerbside recycling services and waste infrastructure, at both the local or national level.

Between 2007 and 2011 Australians increased their recycling efforts from 21.4 million tonnes to 27.3 million tonnes per year and have increased the amount of waste they convert to energy from about 1.32 million tonnes to 1.52 million tonnes per year.

However there is still work to do to in removing or diverting waste from landfill and a range of benefits from re-using waste material. For example reducing the volume of organic waste going to landfill can reduce the amount of methane gas that is produced when organic material breaks down, and has harmful effects on the atmosphere. Instead this material can be diverted from landfill and put to valuable use in compost and soil conditioners.

Clean Up Australia Day on Sunday is a great opportunity for Australians to take practical action in tackling waste and litter in their own communities, and provides a chance to find out more about the waste management challenges we are tackling across the nation.

The National Waste Reporting 2013 online resource is available at

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