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Joint Media Release
Mr Tony Abbott, MP
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for
Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs
Senator Ian Macdonald
Parliamentary Secretary to the
Minister for the Environment


6 August 1998

Seven new Green Corps projects announced today for Victoria will bring about a greater diversity of plants and animals, an improved nature trail and the continued planting of native plants.

The Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment, Senator Ian Macdonald, and the Parliamentary Secretary for Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs, Tony Abbott, announced 27 new projects, to begin across Australia in September, which will provide places for 270 young Australians aged between 17 and 20.

Senator Macdonald said the projects complemented the Howard Government's environmental rescue package, the $1.25 billion Natural Heritage Trust, with links to Trust programs such as Bushcare.

"A Green Corps team will address the impact of increasing visitor numbers and pest animals and plants at the Brisbane Ranges National Park near Anakie, west of Melbourne. Team members will develop weed identification skills and survey, mapping and revegetation techniques.

"Another team will address the threats to native vegetation within critical areas of the Discovery Bay Coastal Park, near Portland on the State's south coast. The team will monitor and control pest plant species, conduct tracking and fencing work, and will also repair heritage structures at the Cape Nelson Lighthouse."

Mr Abbott said that the Green Corps projects funded so far had been extremely successful. The continued high number of applications showed that the program was on the right track in assisting young people to reach their future potential while helping to restore the environment.

The announcement of the eighth round of Green Corps projects marks the continued delivery of a key election commitment by the Howard Government. The $42 million program will provide opportunities for 3500 young Australians over a two year period.

Media Contacts:
Maxine Sells, Mr Abbott's office (02) 62774337
Paula Randall, Senator Macdonald's office (07) 47713066 / 0419 238 756

Green Corps - Round Eight Projects


 Location                     Project description                      Partner agency   

Portland    The project involves monitoring and controlling pest     Parks Victoria     
            plant species at Discovery Bay Coastal Park; site                           
            protection activities along Cape Nelson Scenic Drive                        
            and the Great South West Walk; and cultural heritage                        
            site maintenance at Cape Nelson Lighthouse.                                 

Anakie      The project targets five key sites in the Brisbane       Parks Victoria     
            Ranges National Park and the Mount Anakie Scenic                            
            Reserve. Vegetation restoration techniques, pest animal                     
            control, track maintenance, weed identification, survey                     
            and mapping will be important components of the                             

Healesville The project aims to restore and conserve the "Nature     Healesville        
            Trail" at the Healesville Sanctuary. Bush regeneration,  Sanctuary          
            walking track construction and planting of indigenous                       
            flora will be key activities. The project will enhance                      
            the habitat and stream quality of Badger Creek.                             

Mildura     The project will continue a flora display process        Australian Inland  
            commenced by a previous Green Corps team at the          Botanic Gardens    
            Australian Inland Botanic Gardens. The gardens are a     Inc                
            showcase for Australian dryland flora. Planting and the                     
            installation of irrigation systems, streams and                             
            pathways will be key activities.                                            

Colac       The project aims to restore and protect habitat in the   Department of      
            Barwon River Catchment and to improve water quality.     Natural Resources  
            Specific activities include mapping land use, habitat    and Environment    
            and the distribution of animal wildlife, site                               
            assessment, seed collection, tree planting, remnant                         
            vegetation management and fencing for stock exclusion.                      

Dimboola,   The objective of the project is to restore,              Parks Victoria     
Jeparit     rehabilitate and upgrade the natural environs of a                          
            section of the Wimmera Heritage River. Specific tasks                       
            include revegetation using local species, conducting                        
            flora and fauna surveys, pest plant and animal control,                     
            fencing and soil conservation.                                              

Raywood     The project is primarily aimed at the revegetation and   Smith Reid North   
            protection of Myers Creek. The protection of remnant                        
            vegetation, restriction of stock access and restoration                     
            of the understorey species undertaken by the project                        
            team will enhance the biodiversity of the area.                             

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