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Official Toast by
Senator the Hon Ian Macdonald
Parliamentary Secretary responsible for the Antarctic

to the

Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions
50th Anniversary Jubilee Dinner

Wrest Point Casino, Hobart
Mid-Winters Day
21st June 1997

It is my great pleasure to propose the Jubilee Toast to ANARE.

ANARE is the men and women who have travelled to the Antarctic and the subantarctic with Australian government expeditions since 1947.

Australia is now unquestionably an international leader in Antarctic Affairs. As a result of our presence in the Antarctic, Australia has gained considerable international recognition and respect, made significant contributions to Antarctic scientific research and maintained a standard of operations that other national Antarctic programs measure themselves against.

Australia's achievements are a direct result of the professionalism, courage, determination and commitment of our expeditioners.

For present purposes, my definition of ANARE will include one or two other categories of people, usually unsung, but no less deserving of our praise.

So in proposing the toast to ANARE I am asking you to celebrate the contribution not only of our expedition members, but alsoŠ

I ask you to include all these contributors to the Australian's efforts in the Antarctic, as well as the expeditioners themselves, as you join me in the Jubilee Toast to ANARE.

So I ask you to stand and toast all of these people who by their courage and determination have led Australia's work in the Antarctic over the past fifty years.


Commonwealth of Australia