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Joint Media Release
Greg Hunt MP
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment and Heritage
Federal Member for Flinders

6 December 2004

Greenhouse cuts begin in the backyard

Mr Greg Hunt, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment and Heritage today urged householders to look seriously at how they can make a difference to greenhouse gas emissions.

Mr Hunt made the statement at a presentation to acknowledge the work of the Sullivan's Creek Community in O'Connor, ACT as part of the Federal Government Cool Communities program.

"Around 20% of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions comes from households and each household is responsible for around 15 tonnes of emissions each year," Mr Hunt said.

"This program demonstrates that with a few changes in how we heat and cool our homes, each household can save upwards of 1 tonne of greenhouse gas emissions a year while cutting energy costs by around $125.

"The Sullivan's Creek Community is to be congratulated in achieving one of the best reductions in abatements with an average of 4.93 tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent per annum in the households that were measured That is well above the national average and a real achievement."

Mr Hunt today presented Mr Paul Magarey, a member of the Sullivan's Creek Community, with a certificate for a new solar hot water system in acknowledgement of his effort as part of this project.

Mr Hunt said the release of the Australian Greenhouse Office report today by Minister Ian Campbell, demonstrated that Australia was on track to meet its Kyoto greenhouse emissions targets.

"We are on track to double the size of our economy while limiting our greenhouse gas emissions to an increase of only eight per cent," Mr Hunt said.

"This is an excellent outcome and we are one of the best performers. As a nation we produce two per cent of the world's greenhouse emissions and contribute two per cent to the world's economy.

"But the focus on a global scale needs to change and we must look beyond Kyoto to address the issue of climate change."

Mr Hunt said the responsibility for the future rests with all of us and simple changes in the way we live can collectively have a significant impact.

"The success of the Sullivan's Creek Community is proof we can make a difference and it can be as simple as draught proofing our homes in winter or installing low wattage fluorescent lights, for example," Mr Hunt said.

"All of us have a responsibility to look at the ways we use that energy."

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