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Media Release
Hon Dr Sharman Stone MP
Federal Member for Murray

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister
for the Environment and Heritage

5 May 2001

EMBARGO - 11pm Saturday May 5th

New Green Guides Launched at Design Awards

"Shop Smart, Buy Green", that's the call for the 21st century for all Australians. Householders and manufacturers can help save both money and the environment with two new guides on design for the environment.

Dr Sharman Stone, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment and Heritage, launched the booklets at the Australian Design Awards in Melbourne tonight, where she presented the Australian Design AwardTM of the Year to the Solar Sailor Tourism Ferry.

The ferry is the first tourist catamaran in the world to be powered from a combination of solar/wind/battery/LPG.

Shop Smart, Buy Green: A Consumer's Guide to Saving Money and Reducing Environmental Impacts will help Australians choose products that do minimum damage to the environment, from their design to their disposal.

"One of the difficulties all shoppers face is knowing how to identify and evaluate a product's environmental performance", Sharman Stone said.

"This consumer guide includes a checklist people can take with them as they inspect products, and questions they can ask a manufacturer, for instance; is the product made of materials that can be recycled or has it been designed to be easily recycled or can it be repaired?"

"It will be invaluable for the green shopper wanting to make purchases that are both value for money and environmentally responsible.

"For example, if a household was to only use the most energy efficient whitegoods it could save up to $1400 and 14 tonnes of greenhouse gas over the products' life of 10 years.

"Simply installing a AAA rated energy smart shower head will save the average family up to $100 annually on water and energy bills, and reduce greenhouse emissions by up to one tonne per year."

Sharman Stone said that Australia was second only to the United States as producers of waste per head of population, sending more than 18 million tonnes to landfill every year.

"Australian households also generate almost one-fifth of Australia's greenhouse gasses - more than 15 tonnes per household per year," she said.

The other booklet launched by Dr Stone tonight is Product Innovation, the Green Advantage. An Introduction to Design for Environment for Australian Business. It provides managers, designers, engineers, accountants and marketeers the information they need to introduce a design for environment program, and how they successfully sell to an increasingly environmentally aware community.

"It is the first Australian publication to fully address the design for the environment requirements of all relevant professionals within the manufacturing industries.

"These booklets point the way for a 2 way win for Australians - saving dollars and sustaining the environment", Sharman Stone said.

The two guides can be found on the Internet at: or by ringing 1800 803 772.

For further information please contact:
Simon Frost 0419 495 468
May 5th, 2001

Commonwealth of Australia