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Senator the Hon Don Farrell

Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and Urban Water

Central Coast's Future Water Supplies Secured

Media release
31 August 2011

Central Coast residents will benefit from a secure supply of water following the completion of the Mardi-Mangrove Pipeline Link project, which links Wyong River and Ourimbah Creek to Mangrove Creek Dam.

At a ceremony celebrating the completion of construction today, Parliamentary Secretary for Urban Water, Senator Don Farrell, said the project is an important component of the long-term water supply strategy for the Central Coast.

"The Australian Government provided $80.3 million in funding to this project, which is the largest water infrastructure project undertaken on the Central Coast since the mid-1980s," he said.

"The pipeline will help to secure water supplies for the people of the Central Coast. It will ensure there is enough water for the growing population and reduce the frequency of use of water restrictions for demand management. The project will help to boost dam storage levels, speed up drought recovery, and protect the region against periods of below-average rainfall."

The pipeline enables storage levels in Mangrove Creek Dam to be boosted during periods of high rainfall, providing the capacity to manage Central Coast water supplies during extended periods of below-average rainfall. The project enables water to be extracted from Wyong River during highflow events, and transferred to the Mangrove Creek Dam for storage. This water will then be available to be returned back to Mardi Dam when required.

"This project required construction of a new river off-take from the lower Wyong River, two new water pumping stations, a new rising main to transfer water from the Wyong River pumping station to Mardi Dam, and a new 19km two-way pipeline linking Mardi Dam with Mangrove Creek Dam," Senator Farrell said.

Member for Robertson Deb O'Neill hailed the completion of the $120 million Mardi-Mangrove Pipeline Link as a major infrastructure milestone for the Central Coast.

"I'm very proud that the Gillard Labor Government has made this vital investment in the water security of our region.

"Without Federal Labor's commitment, the Pipeline Link would have remained nothing but a pipe dream.

"Today, thanks to Labor's investment on the Coast, we have taken a big step towards securing our long-term water supply."

The Mardi-Mangrove Pipeline Link project is funded through the Australian Government's Water for the Future - Water Smart Australia program.

Securing water supplies is one of four key priorities under the Water for the Future initiative. Other key priorities are: taking action on climate change; using water wisely; and supporting healthy rivers.

The Mardi-Mangrove Pipeline Link project is a key element of the long-term water supply strategy for the Central Coast WaterPlan 2050, with the Gosford City and Wyong Shire Councils contributing the remaining funds.

"I congratulate the Wyong and Gosford Shire Councils on the completion of this significant project that will also enhance environmental flows in the Wyong River during low and medium stream flows," Senator Farrell said.

"Securing safe and reliable water supplies for communities is a key priority for the Australian Government.

"The community will benefit from this project as it will help to boost dam storage levels and assist in securing the future drinking water supplies for the people of the Central Coast."

Mardi to Mangrove Pipeline Link Project

The key benefits of this project as outlined in WaterPlan 2050 are:

  • harvesting more water for town uses from Wyong River and Ourimbah Creek during medium and high flows (temporarily stored in Mardi Dam before being pumped through to mangrove Creek Dam)
  • increased storage levels in Mangrove Creek Dam by using excess water from Wyong River and Ourimbah Creek
  • enhanced environmental flows in Wyong River during low and medium stream flows
  • good integration with the current and future elements of the Central Coast water supply.

Construction works include:

  • a new river off take capable of extracting up to 500ML/day from the lower Wyong River
  • a new in-ground submersible pumping station to extract water
  • a new rising main, about 2.1km long, supplementing two existing rising mains, to transfer water from the Wyong River Pumping Station to Mardi Dam
  • a new inlet to Mardi Dam
  • a new pumping station to pump water from Mardi Dam, through the Mardi-Mangrove Transfer Main and the existing Boomerang Creek Tunnel, to Mangrove Creek Dam at a nominal rate of 120ML/day
  • a new pipeline, approximately 21 km long, linking Mardi Dam with the end of the existing Boomerang Creek Tunnel (which leads to Mangrove Creek Dam). It will permit flow in either direction according to operational needs.