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Getting Adelaide's gardens right

Joint media release
9 March 2011

Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and Urban Water Senator Don Farrell and South Australian Minister for Water Paul Caica today launched an innovative web tool to help Adelaide gardeners conserve water.

The WaterRight Gardens web tool uses factors including the season, hours of sunlight, soil type and watering system to help households calculate how much water they should use.

The website also features guides to a selection of plants most commonly used in Adelaide’s gardens and to designing a water efficient garden.

Senator Farrell said faced with climate variability and uncertainty, every Australian capital city needs to be prepared for extended periods of drought in the future.

“Despite the recent wet conditions in many parts of Australia, we need to be smarter with our scarce water resources to ensure we secure them for future generations,” he said.

“This website will help households apply the right amount of water for their garden needs and the local conditions so they can use less water and achieve the same or better results.”

The tool can also be used to determine specific watering needs for different parts of a garden.

Mr Caica said gardens are an important part of life for many South Australians and this website provides a fantastic platform to help people create and maintain beautiful gardens that are both water wise and suit local conditions.

“Beautiful gardens do not need to be high water users if we use more efficient watering methods and plant lower water use vegetation,” he said.

“This website is designed for the various soil types and climatic regions of Adelaide, so the watering advice is tailored to local gardens and lawns.

WaterRight Gardens was developed by environmental consultant URS, with Commonwealth funding and support through the National Water Commission's Raising National Water Standards Program, and from SA Water.

The WaterRight Gardens web tool can be found at 

Project details are available on the National Water Commission website