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Senator the Hon Don Farrell

Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and Urban Water

Perth trial of recharging recycled water into groundwater begins

Media release
30 November 2010

A pioneering Groundwater Replenishment Trial project has been launched today in Perth.

The Australian Government is contributing $19.4 million to the project, which will trial world’s-best, state-of-the-art managed aquifer recharge technology.

In Perth today for the launch of the trial, Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and Urban Water, Senator Don Farrell, said the need to secure water supplies and manage water resources sustainably was one of Australia’s great challenges.

"The trial, which has Western Australian Department of Health approval, will test the impact of groundwater replenishment on aquifer water quality and the feasibility of building a full scale scheme," Senator Farrell said.

Recharging groundwater with advanced highly treated recycled water has the potential to reduce the pressure on drinking water supplies in many cities across Australia by diversifying water sources for non-potable use.

The Australian Government is meeting this challenge through the long-term Water for the Future initiative, having already committed more than $1.5 billion to over 200 urban water projects across the country.

"The government is investing in desalination plants, water recycling, stormwater harvesting and reuse, and water efficiency measures—such as replacing leaky pipes—to ensure a sustainable future for all Australians," Senator Farrell said.

"These projects are delivering billions of litres of real water savings and are taking the pressure off our precious drinking water supplies."

Senator Farrell congratulated all those involved in the planning and construction of the innovative groundwater replenishment trial project.

"It is a great example of Federal and State governments responding in a cooperative and coordinated way to help secure sustainable, long­term water supplies for the benefit of all Australians."

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