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Joint Media Statement

Senator Warwick Parer,
Federal Minister for Resources and Energy

Senator Robert Hill
Federal Minister for the Environment

John Moore,
Federal Minister for Industry, Science and Tourism

23 February 1998


Automotive giant Ford Australia today became the first of the major automotive companies to commit to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions through the joint Government­industry initiative, the Greenhouse Challenge.

The Ford company will reduce its emissions in the year 2000 to 783,800 tonnes of CO2 - 3.8 per cent below 1995 levels.

The company's Greenhouse Challenge action plan will, in the year 2001, account for a 5.8 per cent drop in what the Ford emission figure would otherwise have been. Steps in this action plan include:

In Melbourne today (Monday, February 23), the Minister for the Environment, Senator Robert Hill, signed the Greenhouse Challenge agreement together with Ford's President, Mr David Morgan.

Senator Hill welcomed the move from the Ford Australia company.

"I am pleased to see companies like Ford leading the way in helping us to meet Australia's target which emerged in Kyoto in December," he said.

"Australia faces a challenging task to implement the major shifts across all sectors of our economy and society to meet these new standards."

Senator Warwick Parer, Federal Minister for Resources and Energy, said the move by a company such as Ford promised much in the responsible use of Australia's energy needs.

"Ford Australia now joins 100 other Australian corporate groups which have committed to the Greenhouse Challenge program.

"The company's contribution shows the way for many others in the field."

Mr John Moore, Minister for Industry, Science and Tourism, congratulated the Ford company for being the first major Australian automotive manufacturer to join the Greenhouse Challenge program.

"Ford is breaking new ground in taking this step in greenhouse emission best practice.

"Ford recognises that the voluntary saving of greenhouse emissions contributes to a better bottom line and benefits the community and the environment."

The President of Ford Australia, Mr David Morgan, said his company was proud to be the first Australian automotive group to take up the Greenhouse Challenge.

"We believe that all Australian companies have a part to play in reducing global greenhouse emissions. Our involvement hopefully will encourage others in the automotive industry to consider this program."

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