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Natural Heritage Trust

Media Release
Joint Statement by Minister for the Environment, Robert Hill, and
WA Minister for the Environment, Cheryl Edwardes


15 March 1998 (25/98)

Efforts to increase the quality and extent of bushland in Western Australia have stepped up a gear with the announcement today of increased funding from the Natural Heritage Trust.

Federal Environment Minister Robert Hill and Primary Industries and Energy Minister John Anderson have approved a further $163 500 from the Trust's Bushcare program for bushland restoration projects in WA.

Four new Bushcare projects are being supported while five existing Bushcare and joint Bushcare-Landcare projects are receiving extra funding.

Senator Hill says the Trust funding will prompt more on-ground action to protect and restore native vegetation in areas including Coolup and Clifton in the south-west of the State.

"The latest instalment of Trust funding for WA will assist groups such as the Flowery Patch Catchment Group and Ellen Brook Integrated Catchment Group work in their local regions," Senator Hill said.

"The funding is shared between community groups and government organisations and, in keeping with the job creation aim of the Trust, will support the employment of a Bushcare coordinator for the State.

"This brings the total amount of Natural Heritage Trust funding for Western Australia this financial year to $23.67 million, which represents a significant investment by the Federal Government.

"The top-up funding for five projects follows the reconsideration of several applications after the groups involved provided further information and met the requirements of Trust projects."

The additional Trust funding has been welcomed by the WA Environment Minister Cheryl Edwardes.

"Western Australia has some of the most magnificent landscapes in Australia, yet we are also affected by extensive land clearing, which has reduced the cover of vegetation in many parts of the State," Mrs Edwardes said.

"The projects being funded through the Trust, supported by the will of many Western Australians to pitch in for their local community, will make a huge contribution to addressing issues such as vegetation loss.

"The funding for projects in WA is assessed through a transparent process, at a regional and State level, and this additional funding will build on the huge number of environmental action projects that have already received Trust funding.

"It is a fact that without the support of the Federal Government through the Trust, many of these projects would not see the light of day."

March 15, 1998.

Matt Brown (Senator Hill) 0419 693 515 or 02 6277 7640
Nicole Trigwell (Mrs Edwardes) 018 906 948 or 08 9421 7777


A project list follows.

Joint Bushcare -- National Landcare projects

Project                        Project Coordinator   Funds         Description                                                   

Coolup: Preserve Our Heritage  Coolup Land           $12 500       The revegetation project will involve seed planting and the   
 -- Preserve Our Future        Conservation                        rehabilitation of wetlands.                                   
                               District Committee                                                                                

Implementation and             Ellen Brook           $24 000       Landholders in the Ellen Brook Catchment will be provided     
Development of the Ellen       Integrated Catchment                with support to refine site plans in on-ground remedial       
Brook Catchment Action Plan    Group                               work.                                                         

Bushcare projects with increased funding

Project                        Project Coordinator   Funds         Description                                                   

Walellemining Catchment        Walellemining         $2380         The project involves the management of groundwater recharge   
Linkups                        Catchment Group                     and discharge and the protection and enhancement of native    
                                                                   flora and fauna in the catchment area.                        

Chamberlains and Batchelors    Gnowangerup Land      $2125         Fences will be erected to exclude livestock from fresh        
wetlands enhancement project   Conservation                        waterways that feed into the Chamberlains and Batchelor       
                               District Committee                  wetlands.                                                     

Monjingup Nature Reserve --    Lake Monjingup        $7200         The group will rehabilitate 30ha of bushland that were        
stage II rehabilitation        Development                         degraded by pastoral activities over a 10-year period         
project                        Community Group                                                                                   

New Bushcare Projects

Bushcare coordinator for       Department of         $89 550       The coordinator will oversee the implementation of WA         
Western Australia              Conservation and                    Bushcare projects.                                            
                               Land Management                                                                                   

Nungarin Shire Reserve         Nungarin Shire        $6700         The council will revegetate a degraded shire reserve.         
Revegetation Project           Council                                                                                           

Clifton Community Reserve      Clifton Community     $6380         The committee will revegetate the Clifton Park community      
Revegetation Project           Reserve Management                  reserve.                                                      

Flowery Patch Creek            Flowery Patch         $12 836       The group will plant local native trees and understorey       
Revegetation                   Catchment Group                     plants to revegetate the creek that runs from the Flowery     
                                                                   Patch Creek Reserve to the East Mortlock River.               

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