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Media Release
Senator the Hon Robert Hill
Leader of the Government in the Senate
Minister for the Environment

Search for Federation Places

25 May 1997

A search is underway to identify and assess historic places linked with the birth of Federation.

Federal Environment Minister Robert Hill has announced details of a $157,000 national study to be coordinated by Heritage Victoria.

Senator Hill says the project will be funded under the National Estate Grants Program.

"The study is one of 13 national projects to receive a total of $512 565 in funding under the 1996/97 National Estate Grants Program.

"The Federation project will help us identify important places which have a link with Federation. They may include places with an obvious link with early parliamentary sittings, as well as other more unusual places.

"An earlier stage of this project has already identified 138 places which could be related to Federation. They range from well-known places such, as the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne - the site of the first Federal parliament - and Old Parliament House in Canberra, to places such as Citadel Island Lighthouse in Tasmania, which was the first lighthouse funded by the Commonwealth as part of a national upgrade of coastal navigation beacons."

Senator Hill says the study will assess Federation places for listing on State and Territory registers and the Register of the National Estate.

Other grants under the National Estate Grants Program include $60,000 for the development of a master plan for the long term management of the Port Arthur - Historic Site, $20,000 for a national conference on the conservation of church Heritage items, and $10,000 for an investigation of important places linked to Mary MacKillop.

Senator Hill says the National Estate Grants Program has been refocussed to concentrate on national heritage projects.

"The National Estate Grants Program will continue to protect the National Estate. The future program will focus strongly on places and issues of outstanding national importance."

Media contact: Matt Brown, 06 277 7640; 0419 693 515

For further information, contact the Australian Heritage Commission:
Salmela, Public Affairs Section, 06 217 2112
Jane Foulcher, Register Section, 06 217 2151


1996- 97 National Estate Grants Program

Heritage Victoria in consultation with other States $157,000
Coordinated Federation Project, Stage 11

A nationally coordinated study of Federation places. The project comprises a number of elements: the assessment of Federation heritage places identified in Stage l, for listing in the Register of the National Estate and State/Territory Heritage Registers; the publication and dissemination of the contextual history in the Stage I report; further identification and assessment of additional groups of Federation places in small town centres in Australia using community consultation and assessment methodologies; and the commissioning of research and discussion papers on neglected themes in Federation history.

Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority $60,000
Port Arthur Historic Site conservation master management plan and inventories

A master plan for the long term management of Port Arthur. The project has three elements: a Conservation and Management Master Plan, Landscape Implementation Plan Inventory and Built Fabric Implementation Plan Inventory. It will reassess the cultural significance and review conservation strategies for the buildings and landscapes within the Port Arthur Historic Site ensuring an integrated approach to interpretation, conservation and management. The Master Plan will also assist the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority in locating compatible facilities for visitors. The project grant will also make provision for expert review of conservation plan drafts.

NSW Heritage Office $20,000
(formerly NSW Department of Urban Affairs and Planning)
National conference on the conservation of church heritage items

A national church heritage conference to provide church property managers with the latest information on heritage conservation management. The focus is on practical management measures applicable Australia-wide rather than on legislative issues which vary greatly between States. It will include a session on contemporary issues for church heritage such as the re-use of surplus buildings and the need to balance conservation with the modification of church buildings for changing liturgical practice.

Aboriginal Affairs Victoria $40,000
Aboriginal historical places - historical themes assessment of national estate values

Over 800 Aboriginal historical places have been identified in Victoria by Aboriginal Affairs Victoria through work jointly funded with the Australian Heritage Commission. This project seeks to apply the recently drafted Principal Australian Historic Themes to this body of information to determine places of National Estate value in a systematic way. The project will develop an appropriate model for assessing Aboriginal historic places which will feed back into the Principal Themes methodology. It will also review the existing data collected and ensure that a broad spread of Aboriginal historical place types are nominated to the Register of the National Estate.

Christmas Island Administration $19,400
Christmas Island industrial heritage

Research, inspect and record all aspects of the former and current industrial heritage (phosphate mining) of the island. The phosphate mine including the buildings and infrastructure is the sole reason for the settlement of the island c.1900. Only 20-25 years of mine life remain. A new lease is being negotiated between CI Phosphates Pty Ltd and the Commonwealth. Conservation guidelines are required prior to this being finalised. The project has been endorsed by the Territories Office.

Australian Council of National Trusts $41,250
Historic mining sites in Australia - a type profile

A national research project which will build on the already completed "A History of Mining in Australia", and other studies carried out by State/Territory heritage agencies. By developing a series of type profiles, the project will assist in providing contextual data for assessing, comparing and contrasting the significance of historic mining sites throughout Australia. Field testing will occur to ensure correct application of the assessment of heritage values. This reference manual will also be used to facilitate the nomination of places for inclusion on heritage registers.

North Australia Research Unit, $21,625
Australian National University
Heritage and the community - theory and practice, Part A

This project is linked with the Australia ICOMOS project Heritage and the community - - theory and practice, Part B and will involve investigating current models and approaches to community conservation activities such as heritage advisory services, local participation in local government surveys and community heritage workshops. The project will determine how best to raise the profile of heritage issues at a grass roots level and involve communities in decision-making. The project will be linked to the ICOMOS project through the preparation of a source book and a conference planning handover/workshop.

Australia ICOMOS $25,375
Heritage and the community - theory and practice, Part B

This project will build on the results of the North Australia Research Unit, Australian National University project Heritage and the community - theory and practice, Part A. It involves using the networks developed and materials prepared from Part A to develop and present a national conference or series of workshops. Its aim is to reconnect heritage professionals with communities and encourage communities to nominate special places to the Register of the National Estate.

Australia ICOMOS $10,000
Cultural landscape conservation - workshop proceedings and Stage II Conference

Promotion of new and developing methodologies in cultural landscape conservation. This project involves two parts: publication of the proceedings of the Australia ICOMOS November 1996 workshop; and a national conference to foster better understanding of the issues facing local government authorities in the management of cultural landscapes. The conference aims to alert local government planners to a range of cultural landscape issues and to examine new methodologies, cultural values in natural areas and landscape protection guidelines.

Sisters of Saint Joseph $10,000
Mary MacKillop - places of significance

This project will research and assess information relating to Mary MacKillop in order to identify places of potential national estate significance. The project will include site visits to three states. The final report will present detailed nominations of places for inclusion into the Register of the National Estate.

Department of Education $40,000
University of Tasmania Ensuring the visibility of women's history and heritage

The preparation of discussion papers and a national conference to develop ways in which places can be identified which represent heritage aspects of women's role and experiences in Australian society and history.

Tasmanian Aboriginal Land Council Aboriginal Corporation $58,000
Re-assessment of values and management of coastal Aboriginal places on the Register of the National Estate

This project will undertake community consultation and use site surveys, photographic records and files to (i) review and update documentation on the social, historical, archaeological and other values of Aboriginal places on the Tasmanian coast that are entered in the Register of the National Estate and (ii) document the condition of these places to make recommendations for future management.

Norfolk Island Landcare Group $9,915
Archaeological survey of Phillipsburgh (Cascade and
Quarantine Reserves), Norfolk Island

This project will involve a detailed non-destructive archaeological examination of Phillipsburgh to produce an illustrated zoning report. This report will help the Landcare group rehabilitate the area without disturbing areas of heritage significance and will provide a model for similar work elsewhere on the island. The project is supported by the Biodiversity Group, Environment Australia, and the Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area (KAVHA) Management Board.

Total value: $512,565

Commonwealth of Australia