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The Hon Peter Garrett MP
Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage and the Arts

Strict Environmental Conditions placed on Jandakot Airport Development

Media release
26 March 2010

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Environment Protection Minister, Peter Garrett, has approved, with strict environmental conditions, the future development of Jandakot Airport in Western Australia.

The approval conditions include significant offsets, measures to protect the Carnaby's black cockatoo, threatened orchids, bandicoots and wallabies, as well as the creation of a conservation area on airport land.

"Before giving my approval to this project, I thoroughly considered the impact the development would have on the whole of the environment, including threatened species," Mr Garrett said.

"I am satisfied the airport expansion can proceed without unacceptable impacts on the environment or nationally protected species, particularly with the strict conditions imposed and the significant offsets detailed in the approval conditions.

"As a condition of the approval, Jandakot Airport Holdings must buy and protect more than 1,600 hectares of Carnaby's black cockatoo habitat as well as provide $150,000 per year towards recovery and research activities for this species. I am pleased to say this is one of the best environmental outcomes achieved in a Western Australian development for the Carnaby's black cockatoo.

"The company will be required to rehabilitate about 110 hectares of land next to the airport for a conservation area of more than 600 hectares, with local council agreement. The company must also develop conservation plans to manage, map and monitor native species, treat dieback, and control weeds and feral animals.

"These conditions, as well as others outlined in the approval, will be of benefit to the environment and will help conserve threatened species into the future. This is a good outcome for the environment.

"Under national environment law, my role in relation to commercial precincts is limited to ensuring the type of business that occurs on the land will not have an unacceptable impact on the environment.

"I have imposed a condition that prohibits any chemical-dependent businesses or chemical storage above the Jandakot Groundwater Mound. The company must also develop a water management plan and upgrade airport infrastructure to reduce the risk of groundwater contamination.

"It must also provide $700,000 in funding to the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority's rare orchid program. Any protected orchids in areas to be cleared will be translocated to conservation areas."

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