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The Hon Peter Garrett MP
Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts

Tony Abbott - a climate change clanger every 14 days

Media release
6 January 2010

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With a trio of climate change clangers now notched up it is time for Tony Abbott to admit he has got it wrong on climate change and admit he's been making it up as he goes along.

The fact that Tony Abbott can't go 14 days without misleading the Australian people shows why he cannot be trusted when it comes to climate change.

CLANGER #1: In November, Mr Abbott claimed that the CPRS would cost the average household about $1100. Last week he finally owned up to the fact that his false claim was informed by nothing more than a Google news search.

FACT: Treasury found that the CPRS would cause prices to rise by 1.1 per cent in 2013 - on average costing a household $624 a year. The Rudd Government will provide direct cash assistance to a total of 90 per cent of all households, who will receive $660 on average in 2013.

CLANGER #2: In December Mr Abbott made a $250 billion blunder in his climate change costings when he claimed that the total cost of permits to achieve a 15 per cent target to 2020 would be up to $400 billion.

FACT: The Treasury modelling released in 2008 suggested the total cost of permits to achieve the Government's 15 per cent target over the twelve years to 2020 would be around $150 billion - that's $250 billion less than Mr Abbott claimed.

CLANGER#3: In December Mr Abbott said that global warming had "stopped".

FACT: The Annual Climate Statement released yesterday by the experts at the Bureau of Meteorology found that the weather patterns of the last year and the decade are consistent with global warming. It also confirms that 2009 was Australia's second hottest on record and finished off the hottest decade for Australia and the globe.

The fact is that Tony Abbott cannot be trusted when it comes to climate change.

Tony Abbott has been Opposition Leader for less than 6 weeks and already he has been caught out with three misleading climate change clangers.

That is one climate change clanger a fortnight from the new Opposition Leader; at this rate he will mislead the Australian people 26 times on climate change this year.

Rather than stick to the facts and the stick to the truth, Mr Abbott is simply making it up as he goes along, spurred on by the climate change deniers in the Liberal Party.

Mr Abbott cannot be trusted on climate change.

The Rudd Government is committed to acting to address dangerous climate change through a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

It is in the national interest and it is in the interest of the world.

Mr Howard, Mr Costello, Mr Turnbull and the Rudd Government all believe a CPRS is necessary to act on climate change because:

Over thirty countries, including all of the European Union, Japan, the United States of America, and New Zealand have either introduced or are introducing a CPRS.

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