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The Hon Peter Garrett AM MP
Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts

New festivals Australia grants announced

Media release
17 November 2009

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Arts Minister Peter Garrett today announced funding of $420,500 for arts and cultural activities at 27 community festivals around Australia.

“Festivals in outer regional and remote communities will have the opportunity to add special arts and performance projects to their programs, such as dance workshops, storytelling, circus arts, puppetry and film,” Mr Garrett said.

“These new projects add exciting elements to the celebrations and help regional tourism, as well as community spirit, in these towns.”

Mr Garrett welcomed the Indigenous-related theme of several of the festivals, including Merge Ahead at Palmerston festival in the Northern Territory, which also has a youth focus.

“The Emerge festival in Victoria is also engaging with Pacific Islander and North African communities,” Mr Garrett said.

“Overall, I’m delighted at the breadth and diversity of the programs.”

Highlights among the funding recipients for round 29 of Festivals Australia include:

The closing date for applications for the next round of Festivals Australia funding is 15 February 2010, for projects commencing on or after 1 July 2010. For more information visit 

Funding recipients — Festivals Australia Round 29 November 2009

New south wales

Wagga Wagga City Council
For Hip Hoperation at Regenerate Youth Festival 2010
A Hip Hop workshop program and concert will be held at the festival. The workshops will be run over three days by well known Australian Hip Hop performers culminating in a final concert at the festival with the Hip Hop performers and local young Hip Hop artists.
Funding: $11,040

Narrandera Shire Council
For Back to Beginnings at John O'Brien Bush Festival
The project will introduce an Indigenous activity to the festival program and invite the "Wiradjuri Echoes" to perform traditional dances, host workshops, tell dreamtime stories and face painting. Workshops will also be hosted in local schools. Performances will take place in the Parade and at the festival.
Funding: $10,310

Walgett Shire Council
For Puppets Go West at Walgett Community Festival
The project involves a series of workshops with the three local schools and the community. The workshops will explore "living in Walgett" and the meaning of being an inclusive and diverse community. Knee High Puppeteers will assist participants to develop giant puppets to reflect their ideas which will be included in the street parade.
Funding: $14,557

Northern territory

City of Palmerston
For Merge Ahead at Palmerston Festival
The project is the development of a final performance through a series of workshops that will engage with community groups and collaborate with different sectors (e.g. education and youth services) in the various art forms. The project has a high level of youth involvement and the performance will be a large production that involves the telling of different cultural groups stories and the expression of culture through Digital art / live music / dance / performing arts.
Funding: $20,000


Royal Agriculture Society of Queensland
For The Great Australian Muster at 150th Heritage Royal Toowoomba Show
To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Heritage Royal Toowoomba Show with an open-air performance called “The Great Australian Muster” which will tell the story of the legends and folklore of the people and events that shaped the Darling Down’s agricultural and rural heritage. The performance will actively involve the local community with a local cast of approximately 500 and narrated by a nationally recognised performer, John Williamson. The performance will start at the beginning of time through the eyes of the indigenous people, then lead through the development of agriculture culminating to modern day life on the Downs, including the migration of new Australians, including the Sudanese community that now call the Darling Downs home.
Funding: $20,000

UMI Arts Limited
For Small Sister Small Brother at Big Talk One Fire 2010 Cultural Summit (NORTH CAIRNS)
The project is designed as a way to allow young people 12-25yrs to play an active role in Big Talk One Fire, and to increase their interest and involvement in Indigenous arts and cultural practices. In the lead up to the festival students in regional and remote communities around Cairns will take part in workshops led by Indigenous artists and performers together with UMI development officers. Students will work with artists/young leaders to develop digital presentations involving elements of animation, photography and music that reflect their thoughts on questions of cultural maintenance, and what it means to young people. The students will travel to Cairns to present their works as part of the Big Talk One Fire 2010.
Funding: $14,500

Paroo Shire Council
For 'Fit 2 Move' Dancing Classrooms at Cunnamulla Fella Festival (CUNNAMULLA)
The project is a series of dance workshops conducted by ‘Fit 2 Move’ and involve school students from Cunnamulla, Wyandra, Eulo, Yowah and Thargomindah. The program will run during the preceding two weeks of the festival, exploring dance (hip hop), song and culture, and providing performance arts opportunities for all school age children within Paroo Shire and adjacent Bulloo Shire culminating in a final performance at the festival.
Funding: $17,200

South Australia

Port Macdonnell Tourist Association Incorporated
For KneeHIGH Puppetry @ Bayside at Port MacDonnell Bayside Festival
The project consists of KneeHigh Puppeteers presenting one hour workshops on puppet making for children and adults of all ages, an interactive part of the 2010 festival program. Participants will be encouraged to make puppets that reflect the festival’s ocean and carnival theme. The puppets will be shown in a Puppet Parade with a Giant Puppets performance at the festival.
Funding: $7,710

Port Lincoln Tunarama Incorporated
For Cirque du Cie at Port Lincoln Tunarama Festival
The project will host circus/acrobatic workshops to provide youth and adult members of the community the opportunity for performance skill development. The workshop program will culminate in a performance each evening at the festival portraying the life cycle of a tuna which is representative of the working lifestyle of the region due to its close harmony with the fisherman/farmer ethic, and portray the regions cultural lifestyle founded in the farming and fishing industry.
Funding: $24,545


Out On A Limb - Tasman Regional Arts
For Workshops at Koonya at Koonya Acoustic Roots Festival (NUBEENA)
The workshop program will extend and enhance the participatory component of the Koonya acoustic roots festival by involving festival attendees in free workshops in various aspects of music making. The workshops and seminars will be in music-making, the teaching of music, singing solo and in a choir, playing instruments, playing bluegrass and the making of musical instruments.
Funding: $2,250

Huon Folk Incorporated
For Love Songs to Tasmania at Cygnet Folk Festival (CYGNET)
This project will be an intimate multi-media concert taking place from noon to night providing a continuous, restful and contemplative space. The concert will be the length of two regular concerts and it is anticipated that the audience will come and go between sets. The concert will feature various instrumental musicians, and some vocalists, performing original music dedicated to the landscape, culture and history of Tasmania. The project will also feature music improvised in response to a rotating display of projected images from local artists and photographers.
Funding: $6,810

Friends of Jackeys Marsh Inc
For Forest Art Walk at Forest Festival at Jackeys Marsh (GOLDEN VALLEY)
The project is an environmental art installation project, which will showcase the work of fifteen Tasmanian artists within the forest at the Jackeys Marsh Festival site on the slopes of Quamby Bluff, a local landmark. The art works and installations will be on view during and after the 3 - day festival on a beautiful meandering bush pathway through ferns, mosses, regrowth and old growth forest. The artworks will engage directly with the 2010 festival theme of sustainability through a creative response to the forest environment. Artists included in the project all have previous experience in similar environmental installation projects, along with specific interests in environmental issues with regard to forests and environmental sustainability.
Funding: $6,650

Project Queenstown Inc
For Perception Extraction at Queenstown Heritage & Arts Festival
The project involves filming 5 Queenstown residents from various backgrounds over an ordinary 24-hour day. Subjects will be chosen who interact with the Mt Lyell Mine or the denuded Queenstown landscape and will explore their public and private lives and how they interact with the surrounding environment. Each film will be projected onto a public building relative to the subject. The films will launch on the opening night and will run for the duration of the festival. The films will be highly visible projected onto key public buildings within Queenstown, the project will be the most visible and the drawcard exhibition for the festival.
Funding: $10,798

Streets Alive Youth Arts Festival
For Umbrella Momentum at Streets Alive Youth Arts Festival (LAUNCESTON)
The project will involve groups of young people, with an identifed interest, designing umbrellas to artistically express individual/group experiences of space that will be utilised in numerous visual art installations and/or interactions for showcasing Launceston's city spaces. The project will be stylistically directed by installation artists, curators, digital artists, graphic designers, musicians, performers, and dance choreographers and will wind its way throughout Launceston's city scapes during the seven day Streets Alive Youth Arts Festival and National Regional Arts Australia Conference during August 2010.
Funding: $28,990

Glenorchy City Council
For Glenorchy Moves at The Works
The Glenorchy Moves project is the centrepiece of the final day of celebrations of the festival and is an original piece of physical theatre celebrating Glenorchy’s sporting community. Built around a small group of skilled aerial circus performers, the project will be led by a team of professional choreographers/physical theatre workers collaborating with a wide range of local sporting groups. From the frenetic pace of mass netball drills to the juggling skills of local afro Tasmanian soccer players, to the quiet elegance of eastern martial arts such as Tai Chi and Aikido, the project celebrates the diversity of the community sporting passion. The final show will include a live soundtrack featuring local funk rock group, a Latin American percussion ensemble, and a small brass section.
Funding: $25,225


Eaglehawk Dahlia and Arts Festival Incorporated
For Rural and Regional Expression (RARE) Film Festival at Eaglehawk Dahlia and Arts Festival (EAGLEHAWK)
The project is a proposed two day Film Festival. Through a range of community partnerships, the project aims to involve people in film-making and expression, who would otherwise not be exposed to this activity, and provide the community an opportunity to view non mainstream films. The project will invite filmmakers to submit short films showcasing life in Central Victoria, with a particular focus on local youth. Filmmaking and scriptwriting workshops are to be held in conjunction with the festival.
Funding: $12,000

Nagambie Action Group Incorporated
For Waterways Mural at Buckley Park at Nagambie on Water Festival (NAGAMBIE)
The project is to create a Public Art Mural that will be a contemporary work depicting the local waterways and celebrating the area's lifestyle. The mural wall will be rendered and constructed of local materials along with ceramic tiles and will be constucted in a prominent area - Buckley Park. The project will provide community groups, often disadvantaged, to be part of a cultural, educational and morale building exercise. The project will be divided into 3 sections. The 1st stage of the project will be completed by local children, the 2nd stage by the Nagambie Youth Group, and the 3rd stage by the elderly from the Lakeside Hostel and Nagambie Hospital.
Funding: $10,200

State Coal Mine - Rescue Station Arts Incorporated
For Dancers to the Rescue at The Pit Pony Festival (WONTHAGGI)
A summer school of dance is proposed for the community through 3 days of workshops which will culminate in a specially choreographed performance at the festival celebrating the mining heritage with members of the emergency services performing their own ‘stomp’ dance. The workshops will include both theory and practical sessions including fitness, nutrition and a career in dance as well as development of dancing skills.
Funding: $5,400

Bruthen Arts and Events Council
For The Bruthen Blue Bees Circus Project at Bruthen Blues and Arts Festival (MOSSIFACE)
The project is the development and presentation of circus based performances by students from three small surrounding primary schools. Artists will conduct workshops leading up to the festival in the Bruthen, Tambo Upper and Clifton Creek primary schools (and in the broader community)in drama/performance, circus skills and music. The project will be built around the rare and endangered local Indigenous blue striped bees, which are ‘invaded’ by the yellow striped European bees. The story line will be developed by the school students and large scale Australian animal puppets will be incorporated into the circus performances.
Funding: $10,000

Horsham Art is... Festival
For Elemental at 'Art is...' Elemental Festival
The project will be a collaboration between the aerial performance company Strange Fruit and ‘Art is…’ Festival, in partnership with Wimmera Women’s Circus, local dancers and Natimuk rock climbing community. This partnership will produce a spectacular show that will respond to the 2010 Festival theme ‘Art is... elemental’, through the four elements – earth, air, fire and water. Strange Fruit will be training Horsham community performers to participate/perform on the sway poles. Each element will be performed using different skills and designs, and all elements will subsequently draw together for a final cohesive image showing the coming together of the disparate elements into a unified whole – a potent statement of strength in diversity.
Funding: $30,000

Shepparton Arts Festival Incorporated
For Inspired Earth at 2010 SheppARTon Festival
The central work of the community project will be the design and construction of a major public earth based geoglyph, stone wall sculpture approximately 100m x 100m, in cooperation and under the direction of internationally renowned Australian sculptor Andrew Rogers. The sculpture will form part of the "Rhythms of Life" project to provide an opportunity to help perpetuate the history, cultural endeavours and heritage of the Shepparton region. The design and structure will be done in consultation with Goulburn Valley Indigenous groups with the concept of presenting an Indigenous motif or totem to represent the festival theme "Inspired". A performance will take place at the site of the geoglyph sculpture with an official opening ceremony and performance to consecrate the sculpture, define the festival theme and the context of cooperation between cultures, and respect for sustainability of the land.
Funding: $30,000

Multicultural Arts Victoria
For Talanoa: Walk and Talk at Emerge Festival (COLLINGWOOD)
Multimedia and performance artist Shigeyuki Kihara will work in partnership with 4 cultural performance groups/communities to explore intercultural dialogue 'Talanoa' by staging live collaborative public performances in two CBD locations Melbourne (VCA) and Fitzroy (Fitzroy Town Hall ). Inspired by her Japanese/Samoan up bringing Multimedia and Performance Artist Shigeyuki Kihara will work in partnership with 4 distinct cultural performance groups including refugee and emerging communities with distinctive styles. The project will engage with four communities which include, Samoa, Kiribati, Sudan and Indigenous Australia.
Funding: $28,000

Western Australia

Nannup Music Club
For Circus Bigtop @ Nannup at 2010 Nannup Music Festival
Lunar Circus Big Top Marquee has been included into the Nannup Music Festival, offering circus skills, aerial and trapeze acts to the program of events. School students, residents and festival patrons will have opportunities through the festival weekend to participate in the Circus Skills workshops and watch acts by the Lunar Circus. A parade will be held offering participation by children, youth and workshop participants to showcase their juggling, diabolo and unicycle skills to the festival audience.
Funding: $12,000

Denmark Arts Council
For People Pollination at Denmark Festival of Voice (DENMARK)
The Project seeks to create links into the international singing community through a planned process of support, mentoring and professional development of young local vocalists. This project invites Solomon Islands traditional and contemporary vocalist/dancer Charles Maimarosia and Malawian vocal diva Mildred Ligoya, to join local Indigenous chant singer Joe Williams, together with young local vocalists Katie White and Jeremy Jongsma, to form the core from which numerous collaborations and ‘new’ compositions will be produced. These collaborations and compositions will include working with local choirs from both Denmark and Albany, the local men's contemporary dance ensemble, local music groups and individual musicians in a series of workshops. The culmination of this project would be produced as the Finale of the 2010 festival.
Funding: $11,900

Augusta River Festival Inc
For Youth Urban Arts Workshops at Augusta River Festival
An urban art workshop facilitator will deliver skills based workshops to local young people in order to create 12 mural based art panels that are representative of the youth and town of Augusta. The first workshop will involve creating the design brief for the 12 MDF panels which will be painted at the festival the following day, using contemporary aerosol art techniques. The public art exhibition will act as a valuable entertainment resource for youth at the festival and enable local youth to engage in cultural based programs in a positive environment. Once completed the artworks will be used for future public art exhibitions and to decorate the new Youth Advisory Committee Room.
Funding: $4,265

Artatac-Busselton Beach Festival
For Cultural and performance fusion - Circus, theatre and dance at Festival of Busselton - Tribal Mix
The project will combine mainstream circus activities with theatre and dance to combine circus performance with physical aspects of theatre and elements of Indigenous dance. The program of workshops and performances will include, mainstream circus skills, physical theatre and indigenous influences. Community and performance mentors will showcase the workshop outcomes in the festival street parade.
Funding: $20,800

City of Mandurah
For Perception at Stretch Festival
The project is a large scale installation of artwork 'stations' that simulate all the senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Artists will collaborate with a range of local and community groups with areas of specific interest to create 15 installations that explore culture, life experiences, values and senses. Artists will be asked to minimise the impact of their installation on the environment and climate change with recyclable or natural materials used. Some of the works will be made by people with sensory impairment and to challenge those with full use of their senses to consider the perspectives of others.
Funding: $25,350

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