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The Hon Peter Garrett AM MP
Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts

Change the globe for Earth Hour

Media release
24 March 2009

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In the lead up to Earth Hour this Saturday, Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett has encouraged all Australians to Change the Globe.

"Earth Hour is the perfect opportunity to switch to a more energy efficient future. Turning off the lights for an hour makes a powerful statement and can be the catalyst for long-term action," Mr Garrett said.

The Minister launched a new information campaign designed to help consumers choose more efficient lighting, while visiting Beacon Lighting's Belrose store - the first retail outlet to display the new Change the Globe information.

"On World Environment Day last year, I announced the accelerated phase-out of inefficient light globes. The phase-out has now begun and many stores have already started selling less traditional globes and more efficient compact fluorescent lamps," Minister Garrett said.

"It's timely to start rolling out in-store posters and light globe conversion guides to help customers decide on the best alternative products, and I'm pleased to launch this material today in the lead up to Earth Hour - an event which serves as a really important reminder that the simplest of changes in the way we live can add up to big changes for the future."

The phase-out is a joint Australian, State and Territory Government initiative. An import restriction on inefficient general lighting service (GLS) light globes is already in place, ahead of the sales ban which is expected to be in place by November this year.

The traditional pear-shaped incandescent general lighting service globes are the least efficient, wasting 90 per cent of the energy they use, mainly as heat.

"Phasing-out inefficient incandescent light bulbs will help all of us waste less energy at home, save money on our power bills, reduce demand on our electricity supplies, and reduce our impact on the environment. Switching to more efficient light globes can also save up to 80 per cent of the $900 million dollars spent on lighting our homes each year.

"Earth Hour is a strong reminder that we can all do more: whether that's turning off the computer when we leave work, taking appliances off standby, or switching to more efficient light globes for a longer-term impact," Minister Garrett said.

For more information on the phase-out of inefficient lighting, see 

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