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The Hon Peter Garrett AM MP
Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts

The Hon Tony Burke MP
Australian Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Queensland environment and landholders benefit from new funding

Joint media release
20 November 2008

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A project to reduce emissions and improve soil carbon is among 26 Queensland initiatives to share in more than $28.5 million from the Rudd Government to protect Australia’s environment and promote sustainable farming. 

Details of the funding under the Caring for our Country Open Grants were announced today by Environment Minister Peter Garrett and Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Tony Burke.

The Open Grants funding is part of the $2.25 billion earmarked for the first five years of Caring for our Country, launched in July this year.

Mr Garrett said the projects, ranging from $80,000 to $400,000, would lead to significant environmental benefits and advances in land management practices in all states and territories.

“Through Caring for our Country, the Government is taking a comprehensive, targeted and integrated approach to natural resource management funding, encouraging organisations to work together to deliver on national priorities,” Mr Garrett said.

“Many of the organisations funded through this Open Grants scheme look beyond their local environmental issues to link up with others to deliver better environment and land management practices on a larger scale.

“The Bunya Biolink – Cooyar Creek riparian zone rehabilitation project, for example, sees Greening Australia join with Queensland government agencies, landholders and community groups to restore and protect Cooyar Creek. This creek is an important watercourse because it is one of the sources of Brisbane’s water supply and it is a critical habitat for the platypus and native White-tailed Water Rat.

“Greening Australia and its partners will broaden and revegetate the area between the creek and crops, control stock access to the creek, stabilise erosion and reduce sedimentation and remove weeds to encourage native regrowth,” Mr Garrett said.

Both ministers said climate change and other pressures such as invasive weeds and pests emphasised the need for the government to work in partnership with communities to help ensure the future of Australia’s environment and farming industries. 

Of the 137 Open Grants projects funded across Australia, 72 projects worth approximately $14.4 million specifically address sustainable farm practices and Landcare.

“Australia’s farmers are very aware of the need to protect our natural resources, both for the environment and for sustainable farming industries,” Mr Burke said.

“The Government will continue supporting them to continue their good work managing the land for the benefit of everyone.

“Farmers are particularly affected by damaging weeds, so it is important that projects to tackle weeds are among those to receive funding.

“For example, the Fitzroy Basin Weed Management Strategy builds upon past and present weed control projects in watercourses in the Capricorn and Central Highlands sub-regions of the Fitzroy Basin region.

“This project will focus on controlling four Weeds of National Significance including the Prickly Acacia which has infested over 6.6 million hectares of land in Queensland.”

Further information and a full listing of successful grants is available at 


Project Title Group Funding

Integrated Management Practices for Alternating Crops - Burdekin Region

Queensland Fruit & Vegetable Growers


Queensland Grow Me Instead Project

Nursery & Garden Industry Queensland Industrial Union of Employers


South East Queensland Sustainable Trees on Farms Program

SEQ Catchments Ltd


Carbon – What Does it Means for Me on My Property

Enforce Queensland Industrial Union of Employers


Transforming Sunshine Coast Caneland into Sustainable Biodiesel and Integrated Farming Enterprises

Maroochy Land Care Group Inc


Educating Producers in Accessing and Utilising Spatial Information!

Enforce Queensland Industrial Union of Employers


Reducing Emissions and Improving Carbon Levels in Southern Queensland Soils

North East Downs Landcare Group Inc.


Macintyre Brook Sustainability Initiative

Macintyre Brook Irrigators Association Incorporated


Encouraging Sustainable Farm Practices via Adoption of Grains Best Management Practices in Queensland

Fitzroy Basin Association Inc.


Burdekin Bowen Integrated Farm Management Monitoring and Support Project

Burdekin Bowen Integrated Floodplain Management Advisory Committee Inc


Project Title Group Funding

Realising a National Rangeland Monitoring Network “Vegmachine”

Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries


Restoring Wetland Function and Health of the Mungalla Wetland.

Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation


Rehabilitating Burdekin's Billabongs and Bowling Green Bay Catchments

Burdekin Solutions Ltd


Improving Connectivity and Biodiversity Values in Stanley and Pumicestone Headwaters

SEQ Catchments Ltd


Delivering Wildlife Habitat Management Decision Support in the Brigalow Belt

The University of Queensland


Landscape Connectivity in Queensland's Northern Brigalow Belt - A Biodiversity Hotspot

Burdekin Solutions Ltd


Embracing Partnerships to Protect and Enhance Significant Remnant Vegetation

Toowoomba Landcare Group Inc.


Granite Flora: Recovery in Action

Queensland Murray-Darling Committee Inc.


Protecting Quolls in Queensland Landscapes

Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland


Jointly Managing and Promoting the Bohle River, Louisa Creek, Town Common Catchment

Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers


The Keys to Healthy Savanna Lands

Northern Gulf Resource Management Group Limited


Rescuing a Gondwanaland Survivor: The Eastern Bristlebird Habitat Restoration Project

Condamine Catchment Natural Resource Management Corporation Limited


South Burnett Regional Integrated Natural Resource Management Project

South Burnett Regional Council


TKRP - Traditional Knowledge Revival Pathways

Mulong Pty.Ltd


Fitzroy Basin Weed Management Strategy Implementation - Weeds of National Significance

Capricorn Pest Management Group Inc


Bunya Biolink - Cooyar Creek Riparian Zone Rehabilitation

Greening Australia (Queensland) Ltd


Commonwealth of Australia